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This fanfiction is a Deathnote and Maximum Ride crossover.

This is a Maximum Ride Deathnote crossover.

Part One: Sacrifices[edit | edit source]

episode one[edit | edit source]

I was just sitting in my room, looking out the window when she saw a note book fall out of the sky. "What the hell was that?" I said, the jumped out for a closer look.

I went outside and found a most peculiar note book. It said, DEATHNOTE. I open the first page and read the first sentence aloud. "Whoever's name is written in this book shall die."

That has to be complete bull shit, right? As I read through some of the other stuff like, "Whoever possesses this notebook will neither be able to go to Heaven or Hell, but instead shall be forced to roam in the realm of the Shinigami."

I was just about to put it down when a temptation overwhelms me. I decide to try it, just to see if it worked. I read some more.

"To use the Deathnote, you must have the person's face in mind when you write their name down. Any person whose name is written in this note will, die, by default, of a heart attack within forty seconds. If you specify the cause of death within one minute thirty seconds, that will happen. You can also control the events leading up to death. The cause of death also has to be something that the person is capable of doing. After you use the Deathnote, a Shinigami will appear within forty eight hours."

I decided to go to town and tested it there. This was going to be most interesting indeed.

Episode two[edit | edit source]

I sit on the curb watching for the piece of shit that deserves to die, and then I see him. He is about six feet tall, wearing a suit and I just saw him steal a woman's change purse.

I hone in on his thoughts. His name is Ray Penbar. I quickly jot down his name then the details of his death.

First he would return the change purse, then he would walk across the street and get hit by a red Ford F-350, King Ranch edition. The truck will have a Georgia license plate from Walton County, a citizen of Loganville. The man will get sucked under the wheels and have his throat run over and all this will happen in three, two, o- Just as I think that, everything I wrote started happening.

At first I freak out, and then I realize that I have been given God-like powers. I shall be God of this world!!!

Episode three[edit | edit source]

That night I'm sitting, awake, writing down the names of criminals. I also looked up the names of all the whitecoats and Itex executives. Once all MY threats were out of the way, I wrote the names and causes of death for over six hundred known criminals at least four hundred died of heart attacks.

As I'm writing these names down, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around, fists drawn. What I see terrifies me at first, but I realize it is a Shinigami.

"What is your name?" I said in my most commanding voice.

The Shinigami laughs. What does he find so funny? "Sorry, my name is Ryuk and I am going to be with you until I either write your name in my Deathnote, or you relinquish ownership of it."

I stare at him with a bored expression. I finally said, "So, I'm stuck with your stupid ass for life huh?"

It let out a sigh. "Yup, pretty much. Enough about me, let's talk about you. You seem to have been quite busy these past few hours?"

I looked at him and started cracking up. "I am purging the world of all evil, and if you have come to stop me then you will have to kill me." I said.

All of a sudden Max walks in the room and sets some apples at my desk. She kisses me on the head and walks out. I looked at Ryuk. "How the hell can she not see you?" I exclaimed.

He said, "I can only be seen by those who touch the Deathnote." I let out a sigh of relief.

Ryuk looked at me and said, "Say, Angel? Could I have some apples?"

I look at Ryuk suspiciously. He then said, "Apples are to Shinigami what cigarettes are to humans."

I shrug and toss him a granny smith apple "Fuck it, I don't give a shit," I say.

Whelp, looks like I'm stuck with a Shinigami.

Episode Four[edit | edit source]

Later on, I'm online, when I stumble upon a blog someone posted a blog talking about me, but they kept referring to me as Kira.

I laugh at the notion. People are already thinking of me as a god. After this, I start manipulating prisoners to draw pentagrams in their own blood on their cell walls. Under the pentagrams they wrote the word "Kira," then simply died of a heart attack.

I have already cleansed the world of over fourteen thousand pieces of shit. This is going to be fun.

Episode Five[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile at the FBI headquarters, they have noticed that a lot of criminals have mysteriously died.

"Sir, what we have is a new type of weapon that is being used here," said the FBI chief.

"We called in our best detective, he is simply known as L. Now L has never shared his face or his true name with anyone. He has solved every case he ever attempted"

Just then someone rolled a laptop in with an L on the screen. A computer altered voice spoke "I an L. I am here to make a vow that Kira will be brought to justice, by any means necessary. As far as we know Kira requires a face to kill, but we need to know more before we can continue. I shall appear on TV tomorrow and challenge Kira, to see if I can find out more"

This is going to be most interesting.

episode six[edit | edit source]

I turn on the TV and flip it over to the news.

This just in, the famous detective L has just publically challenged Kira

I laugh, "So any fuckbag thinks they can catch me? What a fucking joke"

I look at the TV and see a man about six foot three, with long black hair is standing on the TV saying "KIRA I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL PROSECUTE!!!!"

I laugh and write the poor bastards name in the note. The man collapses in a dead heap.

"You stupid arrogant fuck!!!" I shout through laughs. "This is most interesting indeed. Kekekekeke"

Ryuk is kind of a weirdo. I proceed to write down the names of about another twenty people in my Deathnote. Suddenly, I get an idea,

"I will wright the president's name in here, just to mock anyone who is trying to find me"

By the end of the day I am absolutely drunk with power. All of a sudden Max walks in and sees the death note. I panic and write her name in it. Just as I start to realize what I did, Max dies of a heart attack. I stare in horror

"Noooooo, what have I done?" I shout in anguish. I lay on the floor crying my eyes out. I lie, disgusted with myself.

I look at myself in the mirror and I am terrified of who I see. "I wish I had never found this fucking notebook in the first place!" I say, knowing that it is already too late.

I have the FBI wanting me dead, I just killed the leader of the free world, and now Max is dead. Now I need the death note just so my eternity in the land of the Shinigami doesn't come quicker than it already is. I am so fucked.

episode seven[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters…

"We now know that Kira is somewhere in Colorado," says L. the plan to use death row inmates as decoys to draw out and provoke Kira worked flawlessly. Now we just have to use deductive reasoning to figure out who this person is.

"We now know that Kira has a very childish sense of justice, and if anybody gets in his way, he will kill them without hesitation. Now, in order to narrow down the search I have decided the best way to do that is to make Kira think that we know who he is and think that we have enlisted over ten thousand people to search for Kira."

I can only hope I'm right about him, because if I'm not then this could be the end of my life. In truth I know more than what I'm letting the other officers know about, but I want to make sure that none of them are Kira before I tell them everything.

episode eight[edit | edit source]

I decided that I needed to run away, I can’t live here with the flock let myself put them in danger.

After I buried Max's body, I pulled on my windbreaker and jumped out the window.

"where are we headed?" says Ryuk,

I glance at him in disgust "because of the Deathnote YOU gave me, I am now hiding from both the cops and my family."

at the thought of never seeing my family again I start to cry. later that day we land somewhere in southern California. I find an old motorhome in a salvage yard and decide this is my new home.

I continue to write names in the Deathnote, but now I realize that in the end I am just a scared little kid. as I am writing names down, my stomach growls "I am so fucking hungry"

as I eat my lunch, I hear on the TV a reporter saying something that scares the shit out of me "I now have just five suspects in the Kira case. Fang Ride, Iggy Ride, Nudge Ride, Gazzy Ride and Angel Ride."

I nearly piss myself, I was so scared. Finally, I decide on a plan. I form a fake resume and apply for a job at the head of the Kira investigation. I create a fake ID for myself.

episode nine[edit | edit source]

"I haven't seen Angel or Max in several days?" I say, Iggy jokingly replies,

"I haven't seen them either man" I roll my eyes. "Gazzy, what do you thi- wait where the Hell is Gazzy? FUCKING HELL!!! not again, now three people are missing. SHIT!!!!!!!!" I scream.

"now is not the time to be striking off, when there is the serial killer Kira on the loose." I sigh,

Nudge replies to my rampant rambling by saying "let’s organize a search party"

I nod my head in agreement. "we need to find them, if they get caught by Kira then they are in deep shit" I say.

I look at Iggy and say "look, Ig I am going to need you to stay here in case they come back"

Ig looks at me and says "bullshit! no fucking way, you are such a terrible liar! you don't want me to go because I'm blind, don't you?"

I roll my eyes and swear under my breath "look, Iggy I don't have time for this shit right now, so take a fucking chill pill and back the fuck off!" I yell, not meaning to be so harsh.

I wince. "Look Ig, I'm sorry man, but I can’t risk having to worry about you in a battle. please just stay here where it is safe."

Iggy looks stubborn, and finally says, "you know what? fuck it! I don't give two shits any fucking way"

I roll my eyes then Nudge and I grab our stuff and leave.

episode ten[edit | edit source]

I wake up to a knock on my door. I yawn and say "who is it?"

wait, it is 3:00 am. this is bad very bad. this can only mean that it is the cops.

I reach for the first thing I can grab, which happens to be my stuffed bear Celeste. I creep towards the door dreading it like the plague.

"OPEN UP THIS IS THE POLICE, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!!!" I hear a gruff voice shout outside. I run out the door and throw myself on the ground in surrender, when I realize that it is my brother Gazzy playing a nasty joke on me. I want to yell at the piece of shit, but I am still so shaken up from fear that I break down on the ground and cried my eyes out.

I may be the all-powerful God of death, but I am also just a scared paranoid little girl. then I realized he scared me so bad I literally pissed myself. as I realize this I blush from embarrassment.

I punch him in the arm and he holds up his hands in the internationally recognized "I surrender" sign, and he says something that stops me in my tracks. "I know that you are Kira"

the thought that even he knew my secret was enough to make me faint. when I finally wake up I am in my bed with Gazzy looking at me very worried. I finally speak, but when I do my voice quivers from fear

"H-h-h-how did you find out?" I finally say,

Gazzy looks at me and says "I found the Deathnote a few days ago, I picked it up and then Ryuk told me" he looks almost nonchalant as he says this.

I clench back tears and speak in a voice that sounds jaded and scared. "I wish you had never found it, because now I have to make sure I always know where you are. and now I am faced with the possibility of having to choose between my life and my brother’s life. why did you have to find the Deathnote? this is too much stress for me to handle. I don't want to die, and I am afraid that if it comes down to it I am going to end up making the cowardly choice and having to sacrifice another loved one’s life." by this time I am on the floor sobbing hiccupping sobs.

Gazzy looks stunned "I'm sorry, I didn't know that this worried you so much, but I came here because I knew eventually the rest of the flock was going to question me, and I could not risk that. I promise that your secret is safe with me"

I wipe my nose on my pajamas and look up through swollen red eyes, tears still stinging my eyes I run over and envelope my brother in a bear hug. the odd thing is I feel strangely relived that I don't have to keep this secret from my brother and that I now have someone I can REALLY talk to.

Part Two:Descent to Madness[edit | edit source]

episode eleven[edit | edit source]

I am not going to go into details about how, but somehow I got the job at the FBI, working on the Kira investigation.

someone walks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder "hello Angel, I am L. I am glad to have you working with us, that is assuming you’re not Kira"

I jump from surprise. I turn around and realize L is not what I thought he would be. he is slouched over. he has long black hair and has dull grey eyes.

L must have noticed my surprise because he then said suspiciously "what are you so afraid of? if you’re not Kira, then there is nothing to fear." he says then pauses "you know what? I like you. in fact you are going to be my personal assistant in this investigation"

I try to read his mind, but I am unable to get in. this is a person who's mind I cannot read. It looks like I am going to have to trick him into giving me his name.

"so L, does the L stand for something?" I ask,

L looks at me and says "no, wait do you seriously expect me to just give you my name? that question makes me a little suspicious of you because Kira needs a name and a face to kill, so by deductive reasoning I suspect that you are Kira, but you made it so painfully obvious that I don't want to acknowledge it"

at this point I need to be extremely careful what I say around him. I wander if I can play dumb and act like I don't know what he is talking about.

"Kira requires a face AND a name? that is very strange. I had no idea"

eventually another cop comes up from behind me "don't worry about L, he suspects all of us for the first few days, then eventually he clears us so don't let it bother you that much"

I sigh, relieved I finally relax.

episode twelve[edit | edit source]

Later that night I get home and I say "Gazzy?"

Gazzy raises an eyebrow "hm?" He says,

I let out a deep breath "how come you love me- no, not just love me but support my stupid ass even after all the things I fucked up? Why do you still treat me like I'm some sweet little kid when I'm not?! I would've understood if you hated me, but you don't, you can’t even say I learned my lesson and I'm a better person now. I am a murderer and I murder more people every day. I don't think I can stop" I say.

Ryuk then puts in his two cents. "you know, Angel, if you relinquish possession of the Deathnote then your soul is no longer bound by the terms of it. Although, you will also lose all memories of ever using the Deathnote. As far as anyone would be concerned you would be completely innocent"

I seriously consider this for a moment, and I remember Max. I realize that my guilty conscious is what I deserve after all I've done. I deserve to suffer a hell that I have made for myself.

the coward in me tried to justify it. I don't want to live with the guilt of killing Max. I don't want to live with the guilt of killing ANYBODY, but eventually decided that I am getting exactly what I deserve.

Gazzy steps in and says "Angel, baby sis. You don't have to live with the guilt. Please do this, for me if not for you?" He says with pleading eyes.

Now the selfish part of me is nagging at me again, this time with a new excuse. Oh how I hate my selfishness. Great, I have turned into a self-loathing high functioning sociopath.

episode thirteen[edit | edit source]

Today, I go into work at the police Kira investigation headquarters. I walk into the room and L says "Angel, I have to report that there have been more killings, only I don't think that this is the REAL Kira. The people killed weren't even criminals"

I look at L and say, "yeah, the real Kira so far as we know has only killed people that threaten him."

L looks at me and says, "We highly suspect that this second Kira is either related to the first one or an admirer of the original. If we are to try and reason with the second Kira, we need to contact him as the original. If we do that, then likely we can figure out the second Kira's identity. After that, we will have more info on how to catch the real Kira."

I turn to L. "Very astute observation L," I say and grin.

I know that my grin was kind of conspicuous, but I just couldn't help myself. Later that day, I am in Detroit and I see him, the second Kira.

I know it is him because I can see his Shinigami sticking around him, but the strange thing is that I know that person.

"Gazzy?" I say and he turns around.

episode fourteen[edit | edit source]

I look at Gazzy in shock "how the fuck could you not tell me?!" I shout.

"I thought you wouldn't understand, I thought that because of the fact that I was guilty of as much as you that you would kill me"

I realize that either way I have to get rid of him, because I know that he is now a COMPLETE liability.

then I have a most sinister and somewhat sadistic idea. I look into his eyes and say, "DIE."

immediately he picks a knife up off the table and with a smile he puts his knife hand on the wall with the blade facing out and repeatedly slams his neck into the knife, over, and over, and over again. each time more and more blood pouring onto the ground.

still smiling, he jabs the knife into his stomach and disembowels himself. As his guts fall to the floor, he shoves the knife into his neck and slices his head off. his head falls to the ground just as a ripe strawberry falls from the GuY to the ground.

only later do I realize what a monstrous thing I just did. I had killed him so I could claim him to be Kira and get off Scott free, but this was my own brother.

I had let my anger at him for keeping this secret get the better of me. I look down at the pool of my brothers blood by my feat and I see the monster that this note has made me. I don't even pity myself anymore, I am just a monster, no, not a just a monster, but a sadist as well. I not only killed him but the part that scares me the most is the fact that I actually enjoyed the feeling of taking his life.

I walk out the door, run to a alleyway, climb in a dumpster, curl up in a ball, and cry my eyes out. it was at this point that I realized I was beyond redemption.

it was like there were two of me. the part that joyously and remorselessly goes around killing people, and the human part that is always terrified of my other part and is left to pick up the pieces.

I would love to get rid of this note, but the sadistic monster hiding deep inside will not let me relinquish it. Well, fuck it. maybe things will be better tomorrow.

episode fifteen[edit | edit source]

the next day I go to IHOP for breakfast. oh, how I want soooo much to drown my grief in pancakes and syrup.

a waitress named Janis walks up to my table and says "morning honey, how may I help you today?"

I look at her painfully and say "I would like to drown my grief in pancakes and syrup"

she laughs. "well, you have certainly come to the right place for that, so I take it that you want the all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes?" I nod,

she smiles "well, comin right up" she walks away.

I turn my attention over to the newspaper I had bought back in town. when I read the headline I nearly faint. the headline reads, "Renowned detective 'L' has discovered who Kira REALLY is."

I eventually calm down however when I read that he still hasn't reveled Kira's identity to the world. the waitress comes back to give me some coffee.

she must have noticed how upset I looked because she said "look, sug' you can tell me what's going on, unless you think my service wasn't good, then you can keep that to yourself."

I look at her with a sad smile and say "don't worry, its nothing, really"

there is not a bigger lie I could have told. in truth I am going completely insane. maybe it was all the violent anime I was watching, but something was steadily wearing away at my conscience. in short, I am becoming a monster.

episode sixteen[edit | edit source]

meanwhile back at the FBI headquarters, L is finally revealing who Kira is.

L clears his throat. "I believe that Kira is the little girl that we hired about a weak ago. ANGEL IS KIRA"

I look at him and say "how can you be sure? I mean she seams so sweat, I don't believe she would even hurt a fly"

L takes a bite of his crumb cake and says "in all honesty, its only a point three percent chance, but the fact that she didn't show up speaks volumes. plus we don't have any other subjects. the second Kira stopped killing as soon as Angel's brother Gazzy killed himself. I say that jumps the percent of her being Kira up to about ninety three percent"

I look at L and say "that much huh?"

L then speaks up once more. "It is of high priority that this doesn't get out to the press until I am one hundred percent sure, but at this rate Angel has a lot of explaining to do"

this is strange. I look at L and say "I still find it hard to believe that Angel, of all people would do the kind of fucked up shit that Kira does. Just let me contact her, I bet after we hear her out we will see that this is all a huge mistake"

L looks at me and says "I sure hope that you are right Kanime, because I will admit I have grown quite fond of the little darling, but if it turns out that I am right then I cant afford to let personal feelings get in the way"

I take out my phone.

episode seventeen[edit | edit source]

as I am driving east in a stolen car my phone rings

"Hello?" I say practically trembling

"hello, this is L. I just wanted to ask you some questions. for starters, where were you when your brother Gazzy killed himself?"

I start sobbing uncontrollably, but he continues. "I realize it might be a sensitive subject, but until I know for sure, you are suspected of being Kira and-"

I interrupt him. "you don't need to SUSPECT that I am Kira. I AM Kira, and I don't care if you kill me, because life isn't worth living without my brother"

L responds by saying, "I really wish you hadn't confessed that, because you have genuinely grown on me, but alas it is not just illegal hear for a child to get a death sentence, but also internationally. now if you come here willingly, I think I might be able to get a jury to go easy on you so-"

all of a sudden the line goes silent and I say, "hello? L, are you th-" I start to say then I hear a gun go off, then another and another, then complete silence.

I look at Ryuk. that evil look on his face told me all I need to know "You used your Deathnote to make him kill everyone in the room including himself. didn't you?"

Ryuk shrugs and says "guilty as charged, but in my defense if you went to jail, then that would be very boring and I would have to kill you. and neither one of us wants that" says Ryuk.

I guess I'm fucked then.

episode eighteen[edit | edit source]

I realize now that my time is short, but I figure I am going to go out with a BANG. I immediately do an E-brake U-turn in my stolen C7 Corvette, and start heading back to Colorado.

Once I get back to our E-shaped house I explained to Fang everything I had done, and his response was worse than I expected.

"YOU EVIL SADISTIC BITCH!!!!!!!" Fang shouts. He bitch slaped me across the face so hard it knocked me to the ground. I tried to get up but with Fang still being pissed, since I also admitted to killing Max and Gazzy, he kicked me in the stomach so hard I coughed up blood.

As I was gasping for breath he picked me up by the throat and threw me across the room, I hit a mirror and it shattered. I lay there on the floor with deep gouges in my body and a shard of glass jammed into my thigh.

Fang delivered an almost skull shattering punch to the face which launched me about twenty feet, and of course, I landed on my bad leg. I coughed up more blood, and this time a couple of teeth came out in my hand.

After I sat there coughing up blood for a while, Fang came up from behind me and smashed a Jack Daniels bottle over the top of my head and I blacked out.

When I finally came to, I was in my old room. I did a quick systems check and discovered that after that fucking brutal beating Fang had stitched up my wounds. I tried to get up only to discover that I couldn't get out of bed.

"Why the fuck am I tied to my bed?! Was Fang afraid that I would try and kill him for beating the shit out of me? now I am not saying that I didn't deserve it but I figured that HE of all people wouldn't have reacted in such a VIOLENT way."

I looked around and realized that the knot around my wrists were fairly simple and I untied them. Then I untied my ankles and got out of bed. I looked at Ryuk as I start out the door.

"I wouldn't go out there if I were you. I saw Fang seriously debating whether to kill you and decided to 'dispose' of him and the rest of the flock," he said.

I stared at Ryuk in shock for a moment then collapsed on the ground and start sobbing my eyes out. I cried with so much anguish that after a while my tears turned to blood that was coming out of my tear ducts. I cried to the point of my throat becoming absolutely raw, and even after I was physically unable to cry any more I sat on the floor curled up in a ball on the floor and continued sobbing quietly.

I stayed in this state of shock for three days. After I finally stopped crying I went to the bathroom and picked up a razor, and started slicing at my wrists. Not in the way that would kill me, but the way that just causes excruciating pain.

I actually smiled as the searing pain shot up my arm. The physical pain was a welcome distraction from the emotional pain that hurt a thousand times worse. After that, I simply went back to my bed and cried myself to sleep.

episode nineteen[edit | edit source]

I climbed back in my stolen Corvette and drove off to face my fate. since now, whoever I revealed my identity to Ryuk would kill, I decided that the only way for people to find out and not die is to tell a bunch of people at once.

I drive up to a TV station. "It's time," I said. I get out of the car and take a deep and painful breath. I walk into the station, mind controlling everyone to let me in. before I know it I am on the six o-clock news.

"this just in, Kira has just confirmed her identity. Angel Ride, age six, has just come forward as Kira," said the news women. She turned to me and said, "So, Kira, or should I call you Angel? what is your message to the world?"

I look at her and said, "Angel is fine, and my message to the world is that as long as I am alive, I am going to keep doing exactly what I have been doing for the last few months. I will keep killing criminals and people who try to stop me. So to the police force, you know where I am, come get me, I dare you motherfuckers!!!" I pulled out a gun. "LOOK, I even have hostages now. so if you want me then come get me!!!!!!"

only, they didn't know that the whole reason I had done this was because I WANTED to die. my whole family was dead, and I no longer had any reason to live, but I knew that if I just killed myself, then the people who feared Kira would live in fear, but if I killed where the whole world could see then maybe, just maybe, I can possibly atone for all I did. I deserved whatever death that befalls me.

now, all my selfish inhibitions were gone. from now until I died, everything I did was so that the world would no longer be in fear of me.

just then the swat team appeared outside the television studio. the phone rang and a negotiator came on the phone.

"what are you hoping to gain from taking these people hostage? please, just tell me what it will take for you to let these people go peacefully." I laugh. "nothing, there is nothing you can do. I am going to kill everybody in here. one person every fifteen minutes and all you can do is watch. if you want to stop me then you will have to kill me. also I have placed a bomb in the basement and it will go off in exactly four hours and thirty seven minutes, as long as I am alive. I am giving you only one choice if you want to save them. you will have to kill me. just show that I am serious I will now kill the first hostage."

I shoot the reporter I was just talking to in the head. just then the phone goes dead. I walk to a window and flick off the swat team, just the a bullet hits me in my right arm.

it is a hollow point anti tank round fired from a PGM Hecate II. the bullet literally blows off my arm, and my gun drops to the floor.

Ryuk taps me on the shoulder and said "look, it has been fun, but you are probably going to jail, and even if you don't you can no longer use the Deathnote. so you are no longer amusing, see you in the realm of the shinighami" he writes my name down. all of a sudden I lose control of my body.

I eat the rest of my right arm, blood running down my face. I then eat my other arm. I want to scream out in pain but I have absolutely no control anymore. after I finish eating my other arm I jump out the window and land on rusty rebar, impaling myself.

unfortunately for me I did not get the mercy of a quick and painless death. I layed there, impaled for over two hours before I fell into the sleep of death.

episode twenty[edit | edit source]

I woke up and found myself in a land that was completely scorched of any life besides these horrible monsters called shinighami. I looked and see Ryuk.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!" I shotut at him. "I MEAN SERIOUSLY, DID YOU JUST GO, 'Hey you know what? I am going to think of the most painful death possible and kill Angel with that.' SERIOUSLY? YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!!"

Ryuk calmly replied, "You were boring me so I figured I would give you an INTERESTING death. but hey, now you get to spend all eternity as a demon of death and destruction in a barren wasteland."

I looked at Ryuk and said, "I WISH I NEVER FOUND THAT FUCKING NOTEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Just then I felt something cold dumped on me. I woke up. "OH THANK GOD!!!!!! It was just a nightmare, a horrible nightmare. I looked at Max's concerned face and she asked, "How are you feeling sweetie?"

I looked at Max and said, "What the hell happened?"

Max looked at me with pity and said, "You ate some mushrooms in the woods and passed out. You have been unconscious for about a month. We were starting to really starting to worry. While you were passed out you started to hallucinate. You kept mumbling about shinighami, and being a god of death, and even talked about us dying. Eventually you were tormenting yourself so much that I had to wake you up and that is why I splashed you with ice water."

I embraced her in bear hug. I kissed her on the cheek. "Can I get some dry clothes and dry off?" I asked, choking back sobs. I was so glad that it was all just a dream.

"sure thing. let's get you dried off, then I will get Iggy to make us some hot chocolate."

after I dried, off I sat on the couch, surrounded by all the people I love. I started to cry. Max enveloped me in a loving embrace, and for the first time in months, the tears coming out of my eyes were no longer tears of anguish, but tears of joy.

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