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This page is for a character created by Slimshady2015.

Angel is a blond haired blue eyed girl in the Angel World series. She is a human-avian hybrid and is loosely based off the Maximum Ride cannon character Angel


Name: Angel

Eye color: blue

Hair color: blond

Gender: female

Bird Species: possibly swan

Status: alive

Notes: no longer has white wings as of The world or nothing


Main article: Origins

Angel escaped the School along with the rest of the Flock, but after Jeb disappeared, chaos followed. From Mob members to terrorists, Angel's life was a living Hell.

At least that was until she killed Max.

After that, she was adopted by Terry and Karen Mitchell, with two older siblings, Evanlyn and Chris. What she didn't know was that after ten years of safety, her whole life up to that point was the calm before the storm.


Before The world or nothing:
Angel was part of the flock with Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy.

After The world or nothing:
Angel was adopted by Terry and Karen Mitchell, the youngest of two other adopted children, Evanlyn and Chris.

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