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(Jimmy .b Rider 15:36, January 12, 2015 (UTC)) Angel in Wonderland Aka (Jimmy .b Rider 13:21, January 8, 2015 (UTC)) By: Jimmy b. Rider

Description: Angel decides to run away, unfortunately however that makes it easy for the white-coats to capture her. Well that's all I'm going to tell you now, I mean I don't want to give away "to" many spoilers.

Notice: This is a fan-fiction. I do not claim any rights to the characters or titles or anything. This is just my story that I'm using these characters to play. Special thanks to James, Patterson for if he hadn't wrote the Maximum Ride novels to begin with I wouldn't be writing this now.

Part 1: Running away isn't all it's cracked up to be[]

Chapter 1[]

Little Angel loved the flock (don't get me wrong the six years of my life I spent with them were the best years of my life), but, and there is a but, they seemed to forget I even exist. I mean what could I have possibly have done to deserve this? I mean, yes, I'm not perfect. I mean who is? But I am sure as heck better than some of the low life's that are on this earth. I mean no one would even talk to me. What was that all about? Do you know what? It's their loss. You don't know what you have until it's gone. Well I'm gone now. This is my story, not Max's, not Fang's, not ter Borcht's story, mine, now here's how it happened.

Today started out just like any other, we made breakfast, went outside, and generally had a good time. Suddenly, we heard a loud BOOOOOM!!!! A huge explosion that took out half the forest, now I knew that Gazzy had been working on some new explosives out in the forest lately, but he had stuck up for "me" so many times that I kind of owed him. I knew that with his record of "constantly blowing stuff up he would be in deep trouble, but if I told Max I did it, Gazzy wouldn't get in trouble, and Max would go easy on me (since, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but she has a soft spot for me, I mean she did tell me I was her favorite, well not out loud, but in her head) so as soon as the blast went off Max immediately looked at Gazzy, then I did what I had to do.

"I did it!" I said quickly, I could visibly see Max's jaw drop

"I expect that kind of stuff from Gazzy, but you? I expected better from you- wait a second, you didn't put her up to this, did you Gazzy?" Max said, then before Gazzy could say anything I interrupted

"no, Max it was me, I got ahold of some of Gazzy's bombs, took them into the forest to set up a trap in case erasers come by" I said, realizing it was a week excuse, (I mean, yeah I'm sticking up for my brother, but this was starting to sound quite serious, and I have no idea why, I mean nobody got hurt, and I'm starting to get a little worried that this was a mistake. Too late to turn back now,

"I know I shouldn't have been playing around with those explosives, and I'm sorry" at that point my only hope of her going easy on me was to act all cute and innocent. I went to a very diminutive level to avoid too much trouble. "I sorry" I said, this is embarrassing,

"I don't even want to talk to you right now, but your grounded for at least a month" said Max, well later that day after telling Gazzy exactly what happened, and unintentionally making him feel terrible about it. It wasn't a big deal at first, then one day everyone was ignoring me, and I felt that I was being treated unfairly, even Gazzy was ignoring me, so I decided to run away, so packed my stuff, some bare essentials, then stole fifty dollars from Max (don't judge me, a little girls got to eat), then I wrote a note and left it on my bed next to a DVD box set of the Godfather.

Then I went to the roof and let myself fall, it felt great, the wind in my hair, the rush of adrenaline. Unfortunately I would soon need to snap out my wings or risk going two dimensional, so I snapped out my wings and soured upward. In seconds, I was a good thirty thousand feet in the air. I flew for a few hours, I think I got a good four hundred miles before I landed (and boy, am I exhausted) well after I landed in an abandoned parking lot somewhere, I started walking to see if could find somewhere to rest,

"Ooh, a hotel, but fifty dollars a night! That's all my money!" Okay looks like I have two options, option A, stay at the hotel and try and get some more money in the morning or option B the one I'm going with, sleep under an overpass and save the money, but first I'm going to get something to eat (I'm starving!) I wonder how many McHeartAttacks I can buy for fifty bucks. So I walked to McDonalds, walked to the counter "how much is a mc-double?" I asked, visibly salivating

"They're one dollar a piece sweetie" said the very polite cashier lady, I think her name plate said Krystal.

"Oh good, then I'll take fifty of them" I said, and she just stared at me blankly, then I realized the average six year old doesn't come into a McDonalds asking for fifty mc-doubles, I had to think of a reason quick,

"Uh... They're not all for today, you see I'm an orphan with no home and this might be my only opportunity all month to get any food this week" I said, I hated lying to her but she was asking to many questions I had to come up with something, plus I was starving (don't judge me), okay at this point it's probably too late to act like I don't know any-better, stop judging me I already feel terrible about it.

Okay so I took my food to my place under the overpass and ate like a pig. Don't judge me. I need the calories. Anyway after about my fifth burger I started to slow down, so I finished my food, found a comfy ledge and fell asleep. I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't sleep a wink last night, and I woke up with a crick in my neck. You wouldn't believe, but that's irrelevant. Max probably found my note by now, so time to go. So I set off, but not after long, I felt a sudden searing pain in my right arm. I looked and it was a dart of some kind. I think it was a tranquilizer of some kind, but it was unlike any kind I'd had the displeasure of dealing with before, so this was a new displeasure. I was about twenty feet in the air then I just blacked out, I could barely even thinking managed to send one thought out, and it was for Max. "Help."

Chapter 2[]

Meanwhile, back with the flock, Max is beginning to calm down, it has been eight hours since I last saw Angel, and I'm beginning to worry about her, I mean it isn't like her to do that (honestly though I don't believe for a second that Angel caused the explosion, but I couldn't talk her out of it) I suspect that she is in her room pouting, feeling betrayed, (wait a second, last time Angel felt betrayed she ran away)

I ran to her bedroom door. I hoped it wasn't too late, and I ran to her bedroom and nearly fell over. She'd left the door open. She wasn't there. All I could find to give me any clues was a note, and it wasn't exactly a bucket of rainbows as far as good news, meaning there was no good news. She left a note and this is what it said: Deere Max, I hate to tell you this, but you have been a total jerk these past few days. Before, you and the rest of the flock were the only people in the world I trusted. The operative word in that sentence is "were", that was like that until you all started treating me like garbage "even my brother Gazzy who I covered for" you know I never knew what jerks you could be, what did I ever do to deserve this? "Max, you always say we are like a family, well if that's the case than this has to be just about the most dysfunctional family I've ever seen "yes I know the only other example I can think of are those TV families from cheesy sitcoms, and I know no family is that perfect, but I really felt like my home was with the flock, now I don't know what to think" if you have decided to actually care about me you'll never find me, so don't even try. Sign Angel.

This note confirmed my worst nightmare. It was so bad that I didn't even notice the rest of the flock standing behind me in the doorway.

"Max, where is Angel?" Gazzy said from the doorway.

"What's that piece of paper in your hand?" Said Nudge, worried

"What was Angel doing with my box-set of the Godfather?" Said Fang from the hallway,

"She ran away, she left a note, and I don't know," I said, trying to answer all their questions,

"Well, how are we going to get her back?" Said Iggy obviously naming the elephant in the room,

"Well first we have to figure out where she went," I said, trying to think of a plan. "Then, we find her and try to talk some sense into her. If that fails, we take her back by force," I said hoping maybe that she had calmed down and was waiting for us, like a good girl.

"So let's scan the area to see if we can find any clues as of where she is, okay?" I said my leadership skills kicking in.

Chapter 3[]

When I finally woke up my chest felt like there was an elephant sitting on me, I felt a searing pain in my arm, and I felt clots in my hair. Okay I've broken a rib, maybe two, I definitely have an IV in my arm, and my head was bleeding, at least a minute ago.

"Ah, you are avake, yes?" My eyes snapped open it was Ter Borcht

"Bite me!" I said with all my strength, and spat on him, which made him mad, and he smacked me. I know I'm going to have a bruise there. "Go rot in a sack, you worthless piece of trash" I said trying to put hate in every word, but that might not have worked especially with how exhausted I was.

"Don't vorry, I have somesing special to help with that attitude" he said with a nasty grin on his face, and proceeded to pull out a syringe, and injected it into the IV. I passed out. When I woke up I was in the middle of the woods, at night, with lots of red eyes staring at me, and when I tried to snap out my wings they were gone. So I did what anyone in my situation would do, I ran.

I was so terrified that I didn't even notice a root sticking out of the ground, then proceeded to trip over that root and roll head over heels, very painfully downhill, then when I came to a stop, I landed in briers, (which might not have been so bad if not for the fact that I was barefoot, and in a hospital gown)

"Oh no did that jerk cut off my wings and drop me in the middle of the forest?" I can't die here, not alone and cold and scared, and miserable. I mean, yeah I know the life expectancy of us recombinant life forms isn't that great, but I always hoped that when my time finally came I would be old and surrounded by the people I cared about. Man I really goofed.

Just when it seemed I was about through, the world faded and I woke up at the School, I quickly checked to make sure I had my wings, few... They are still there.

Chapter 4[]

"Okay, time to go try and find Angel" I said. "So, where do we start? Oh... Great leader" that was Fang being sarcastic.

(Head west) it was the voice, ugh! "We head west, and start searching for clues as to Angel's whereabouts," I said. (Man, I hope Angel is okay) okay, so we headed out and landed in a parking lot about four hundred away. Angel was here, I could feel it.

"Okay, now where would Angel go after a four hundred mile flight?" I asked

"Um.... How about a McDonalds? I mean she did steel fifty dollars from you, and she would be hungry after a long flight," said Fang, being kind of sarcastic.

"So, we go to McDonalds" I said.

"Good, I'm starving" that was Nudge, just then her stomach growled.

"Okay, we'll stop and get some food, then continue searching" I said (a bird-kid has to eat). My statement was met with a variety of loud cheers.

"Hello, welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?" Said the cashier.

"Uh... Yes Krystal, I'll have, twenty-two McDoubles, sixteen chicken sandwiches, and four salads," I said, being thoughtful of the fact that Nudge wasn't that fond of eating a meat anymore. After the usual coming up with an excuse for why we eat this much food, we sat down and ate. Afterwards, we asked the cashier if she had seen a little girl come in with a tremendous appetite.

Apparently she had, "I heard her mutter something about going over to I-70 and sleeping under the on ramp," she said, actually being very helpful. Then she said something that was quite annoying, but it's normal for humans to ask, "Why do you need to know? She in trouble?" She asked,

"She's our... sister, and I hope not," I said,

"Did she run away or something? If so I can call the cops and get them to get her for you," she said, obviously "trying" to be helpful, but we don't need the cops asking questions.

So I said "no thanks, we can handle it on our own" and I walked away.

Chapter 5[]

"No sign of her" I said looking for her,

" I found something, but you're not going to like it," said Nudge,

"What is it?" (Please don't let it be Angel's lifeless body, please God if you really love me at all then Angel will be alive),

"I found some clues, I found some of Angels hair, some blood on the ground, eraser fur, and tire marks, I think Angel got kidnapped and has been taken to the school" Nudge said solemnly, then quickly added, "but, at least we know where to look, right?"

I nodded "I just hope she's all-right" okay, so we packed our bags, and prepared for the six hundred mile journey to the School.

"Okay, we leave at the crack of dawn" I said firmly,

"The crack of dawn? C'mon, at least give us a chance to get a little sleep" that was Gazzy, sounding irritated,

"Okay, then at seven o'clock we head out. Go ahead and go to sleep, we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow" I stated. We stacked fists, and tried to go to sleep. The next morning we got up, went to have some breakfast at IHOP. A little bit of info for you all, I know that the menu does say, "All you can eat buttermilk pancakes," but people still end up staring after about ten plates. We headed out.

"Max, are we going to find her, and if we do, will she ever be the same again?" It was Gazzy, obviously concerned about his little sister's wellbeing, understandably so.

"I don't know Gazzy, we can only hope," I said solemnly. Eventually we stopped at a small town, just outside of Phoenix, and I mean small, it was literally a gas station, a red light, a church, and a couple of small shops. "Okay, we'll rest here for tonight" I said, and there was no argument from anyone, we were exhausted, we had just flown seven hundred miles in a span of two days.

"Okay, let's get some food and go to sleep."

Chapter 6[]

I woke up strapped to an operating table, "oh... So this wasn't just a bad dream," I said. Man my head hurts, wait, I'm not strapped down anymore, "oh, so they decided to let me move around" I said,

(Max, please come? I'm sorry, and I'm scared, but please just save me soon) for the first time I can remember, I cried, and once the tears started they wouldn't stop, (man I must look like such a cry baby right now) but, you know what? I'm only human (well 98% human, but that's not the point) by the time I stopped crying I was exhausted, and passed out on the floor.

When I woke up I was lying on the bed, and saw a tray of food beside me, I quickly ate every bite of it. It must have been at least three days since my last meal, and I was starving, well actually it's kind of hard to tell elapsed time when in a room with no windows, no clock, only one light, it's enough to drive any sane person to the brink of insanity.

It was by far not the best food I'd ever tried, but it was better than nothing (I have to get out of here). I would just sit here and cry, but that would be unproductive, so I thought about how to escape. (I have to stop dreaming, more than likely Max isn't going to save her butt this time, especially since I didn't exactly leave on the best of terms with the flock. So as soon as somebody walks in, I'll tackle them, and in the mists of the confusion I'll make my escape (the rest of the details I will have to come up with on the spot.

Part two: The rescue[]

Chapter 7[]

I woke up the next morning an hour early, and decided to go get the flock breakfast. I flew over to McDonalds and got some food, then brought it back, and by the time I got back everybody was already awake.

"Hey, guys I got breakfast!" I said. That was met with cheers. "Okay, let's eat up and get going" I said, so after we finished eating Nudge saw a BMW 628i barked in the parking lot at the BBB, then we decided to hot wire it.

"Okay, does anyone here know how to hot wire a car?" I asked, barely able to keep a straight while I said it. Everyone, including me, raised their hands. I laughed and said, "Okay, let's get this show on the road" I said then started the car "literally" I heard Nudge say from the back seat. (Okay, a word of advice when stealing a car, if you steel a high performance sports car, it's best if you know how to drive stick).

"Max, do you mind if I drive for a little bit?" It was Iggy

"I hate to break this to you Ig, but you're blind," I said

"Wow! I didn't know a car could go on two wheels," said Gazzy

"For so long" said Iggy

"Do you think you could have possibly taken that corner any faster?" Teased Fang

"Well, I'm sorry if I'm in a hurry to save Angel" I said sarcastically "why don't we stop, have a look around, and waste time?... Uh, I don't think so" I said, then surprisingly the mocking stopped (thankfully most high end luxury performance cars have a GPS as standard, unfortunately however when I typed in the School, the only thing that came up was Phoenix Area High School) so I put in death valley, and according to the GPS we are 30 miles from our destination, then the clutch went, we stalled, then we couldn't get it started again.

"Looks like its back to basics" I said

"Aw, man and I was really starting to like the air conditioning and the satellite radio," said Gazzy

"Yeah, I know, but even if we made it there in this car there are still two major problems. A, This is a luxury sports car, not an off roader, and Bowen we get Angel back, there won't be enough room in this car, I'm really sorry" I said trying to be sincere.

"So according to my calculations, we are about 65 miles away, so we're almost there," said Nudge, ever the optimistic one, and frankly, right about now that's just what I needed.

Chapter 8[]

Meanwhile, I'm still locked up here, and apparently, they don't come in, unless I'm unconscious, so I have a plan. I'm going to play possum. I've been on the floor motionless for at least an hour and a half, then finally someone came in, I didn't miss my chance, I got up and attacked the white-coat, and took the key card, I'm almost out.

Okay time for phase two, (ooh, an air vent) I'll go into the vent. Okay I just got to get the cover off. Good it's loose, now I'm in. Okay, I just got to get to the entrance once I get to the entrance I'll make a dash for it, go through the gates and fly back to Max, and beg her to forgive me. Okay, I'm halfway there, CREEEEEEK! Oh, no, BOOM, the vent collapsed, and I fell through the ceiling.

"Look! Subject Eleven is trying to escape!" I heard a white-coat say,

"Don't let it escape!" said another one. I'm a person, not an experiment. I'll make a run for it. I ran and ran, then I felt a sharp pain in my arm, then I fell,

"I can't move" why can't I move?

"That would be my doing. I call it PV-72, for paralyses venom that lasts for 72 hours. You won't escape anytime soon" this is it. I'm doomed.

I managed to spit one last word before I passed out, "bite me!"

Chapter 9[]

We were just arriving at the School,

"We're almost there," I heard Nudge say,

"Yes, Nudge we're almost there, we're about to get Angel back," Max said. (We're coming Angel) I thought to myself,

"Look, there's the lab," Fang said from behind me. Okay, it's show time,

"Time for plan Alpha," I said. Plan "Alpha" is simple. Basically, it means grab Angel, and run, which sadly, we have had far too much practice implementing.

"Okay, let's dive bomb it, then we'll get in, grab Angel, and get out" I said, "Okay, dive bomb in three, two, one, NOW!" I said, and we fell through the air at nearly two hundred miles an hour, when we landed on the roof, I saw Gazzy sneak something out of his pocket,

"This ought to blow a decent hole in the roof," Gazzy said. I immediately realized the problems if Angel was on the top floor? She could get seriously hurt,

"Gazzy, no! We don't want to risk hurting Angel too, do we?" I said, and he shook his head he understood, but I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

"After we rescue Angel, then you can blow this joint sky high. I don't care, but not right now," I added. I saw something, "hey look, a vent! We can use that to get in, Iggy, would you do the honors?" I said, he may be blind, but that doesn't stop him from being able to pick any lock in under five minutes,

"Sure, why not? That's what you brought me for, right?" Said Iggy. It took Iggy a full seven minutes to get it to open, slow by his standards,

"You're slipping," said Gazzy,

"hey, you try it for once then, this lock is harder to crack than it looks" ,Iggy responded irritated, "besides, I got it open, didn't I?", we all crawled in, being really sneaky, finally we found an empty room, and dropped down into it,

"okay, time for part two of the plan, steel a lab coat and a name badge, then we will try, to blend, and find Angel, and you know the rest", I said. When we were in the hallway, and I see something,

"Look, an elevator. Oh man, it requires a key card. I guess we take the stairs," I said. We went down the stairs, now we are on the same floor as her, "okay guys, spread out, Gazzy, use the smoke bomb," I said and like a well-oiled machine, everyone did exactly what I said.

I was running through the halls, looking in every single room, then I saw it room 248B, in it was Angel, I quickly found Iggy, "Ig, we found Angel, I need you to pick the lock," I said,

"Okay, why not?" He responded, a lot more calm than me, "ah, it's basically a reinforced padlock, this will only be a second," he said, then in seconds the door. Was open,

"Max! You came, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have stormed of like that, you saved me," Angel said in tears,

"I never would have stopped looking, I love you so much, and don't you ever scare me like that again!"

Part three: The Return[]

Chapter 10[]

Okay, we have Angel, we have a plan, but we still got to get back out of here, "so, what the plan Max? I tried to escape already, and it didn't work," said Angel,

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it, but this is the plan, we already blend in, but the plan is to put you in a cart with the laundry, then take you outside were we will do an up and away. Sound good?" I said,

"Yeah, it might work, but if it doesn't then they have me, and the rest of you," said Angel worried,

"Don't worry, that won't happen" I said trying to make her feel better, "and even if it does, at least we're together" I said. I was reworded with a smile.

"All right, let's blow this Popsicle stand!" Angel said, and I smiled at her. So we managed to get Angel into one of those laundry carts and people didn't ask questions, which was a nice change of pace. We made it outside.

"Angel! Let's go!" I said urgently, she smiled and whipped out her wings, and took off. First Angel, then Gazzy, then Fang, then Iggy, then Nudge, and finally me, just as the alarms were starting to go off. "Everyone okay?" I asked, just to be safe,

"I'm scarred for life, but other than that great," Angel said, already sounding more like herself,

"Fine here" Fang said,

"Tired, but not bad" Nudge said,

"Great. I just got my sister back!" exclaimed Gazzy,

"I'm blind," said Iggy,

"No? Really? Are you sure?" I said sarcastically, "well anyway, I'm okay to" I said. We stopped in a town to get us some food because I had no idea how long it has been since Angel has eaten. We went in, had some food, then when we came out, we saw a Lancia HF Delta Integral.

"Max, I know what you're thinking, and we don't have time to Hotwire that car," said Fang being a pessimist,

"We don't have to hot wire it, those things are a car thefts dream, I mean you could practically start it with a tee spoon," I said, then Fang, as if being Mr. Funny guy, he handed me a teaspoon.

"Well, then start it", he said. So to prove a point, I walked up to the car, got in, and started it,

"Get in" I said. Everyone got in, then we drove off, and this time I only ground the gears a few times. See I can learn.

Chapter 11[]

"Max? You know I love you, right?" It was Angel, I love her to death, but she can be a headache sometimes,

"Yes" I said,

"And you don't want me to die, I know that, but why are you driving in such a way that you might crash and kill us all?" Angel said, sounding terrified,

"Well if I'm doing such a terrible job, then why don't you give it a try?" I said, sounding a little meaner than I meant to, but I didn't see this coming,

"Okay, how hard can it be?" I pulled over, and God help us, she took the wheel, but the biggest surprise was that she was actually better at it than me,

"Wow! Driving is so easy, how are you not good at this?" She asked teasingly,

"Because, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and leading is my strength, driving? Not so much, but whatever" I said,

"Soooo, were are we going Max?" asked Angel,

"home, but I just hope that the guy who owns this car hasn't filed a stolen car report yet, that would be a huge inconvenience to get pulled over for driving a car that is registered as stolen" I said,

"Yeah, and when they see who is driving, maybe this was a mistake, I'm too young to go to jail! I'll never survive. They got Taser's and they hurt. Can we switch back?" Said Angel sounding scared,

"Don't worry sweaty, you'll be okay, and besides, if we get pulled over and things look sketchy, we do an up and away." I said,

"Max I can't be captured again. If it happens again, I will never be the same again," she said,

"I know sweetheart, but we are not going to let that happen again, I promise," I said, trying to reassure her,

"Thanks Max, I feel better now. How long till we get home?" She said,

"About two hundred miles, sweetheart, but we're going to stop for the night soon, get off on the next exit, okay sweetie?" I replied, "Okay, but we're going to need fuel soon though."

Chapter 12[]

Well, after I was rescued we went to a bright inn, and slept like a baby. Please don't mention it, since comparing myself to a baby is totally embarrassing. I woke up, and Max said, "we're going to IHOP to celebrate us getting Angel back, so everyone into the Lancia" said Max,

"Angel, how are you doing today? Better?" said Max,

"Yeah, much better, thanks" I said. After we arrived at IHOP, Angel seemed much better,

"Welcome to IHOP, may I take your order"", said the waitress,

"Uh, yes, I would like the all you can eat buttermilk pancakes, for everyone" Max said,

"You sure the little ones wouldn't be happier eating off the kids menu?" said the waitress a little suspicious,

"I'm sure, we're all very hungry, and we came here to eat, and not have our motives questioned" Max said a little irritated, the waitress walked off, and was probably thinking that we were probably just spoiled rich kids, and was probably going to be very happy when we left,

"Angel? How are you feeling? I know some of the crazy stuff they do to us, there," Max said I smiled then said,

"better, and I don't want to talk about what happened at the lab yet, sorry, I'm just not comfortable with that just yet, I'll tell you about it eventually, but right now I'm still kind of in shock, but I'm just glad to be back with you",

then I gave a shy smile, "I'm sorry that you suffered so much, and I love you, so much, please don't do that to me again", Max said,

"It's okay, and I love you to Max, and also, I don't think after this traumatizing experience that I'll ever do anything that stupid again," I said. Man, I goofed up, but Max is nice enough to forgive me. So after we finished our food, we piled back into the Lancia, Max turned the spoon/key, and nothing happened,

"Well guys, looks like we need a new car" Max said. So we walked for a little bit and came across a Rolls Royce Phantom IV. "Hey guys, what do you think about riding home in a Rolls Royce?" Max said,

"Well actually, I feel kind of bad about steeling this car, I mean we never met the guy, we could be really nice," I said, I'm tired of acting like a criminal, and I don't want this on my conscience,

"Sweetie, that's okay, if you're not comfortable with it I won't make you do it" Max said,

"Angel? Are you going soft?" Fang said teasingly,

"No, I'm just tired of acting like a selfish criminal" I said, sounding hurt, then I cried a little, eventually we decided to fly home, I mean that's what we have wings for, right? Next time we landed, we were about one hundred and fifty miles away, so we stopped in at a town, then we were surrounded by people driving solid black Rolls Royce's, and wearing black suits, and holding AR-15s, now we were about to fly away, then someone stepped out he was tall, heavy built, and was speaking to his men in Italian,

"ciao, noi non significa nessun danno, hello we don't mean any harm, the guns are just a precautionary measure, come with us, The Don, wants to see you" said the tall Italian, well, when people roll up toting guns, wearing suits, you might want to do what they say,

"Okay, but we are flying" Max started to say then was interrupted, suit spoke up,

"no, you will get in the car, my boss warned me of your tendency to escape, so like I said the guns are a precautionary measure", now this was starting to sound like a threat, but we're not bulletproof, so we got in the car.

Chapter 13[]

"Don, Dominé the flock is on their way here" it was my consigliere, Michael,

"Good job, you're really earning your keep," I said,

"Reo, grazzie" said Michael,

"prègo" I said, so the flock will be here any minute now, well I need to get ready, "Michael, get me my good suit, and tell the chef to cook a lot of food, these kids eat a lot, also make it good, the way to these kids hearts is through their stomachs" I said, these kids are either very lucky or very unlucky, (depending on how the meeting goes, this could either be a blessing or a curse for the bird-kid's),

"you know, your goons need better manners than that, I mean if your trying to make a good impression, this is the wrong way to go" oh, that's Max,

"Well, I'm sorry about the guns, but I ordered only to shoot as a last resort, you know, a kind of insurance? Of course people probably tell you how special you are all the time, but I'm here to make an offer you can't refuse,,,,,,, oh sorry about that Godfather reference, that was unintentional I assure you, what I'm trying to say is, we have connections, power, money, and I want to make a deal, an alliance of some sort, now before you answer, let me tell you what I have to offer, you have enemy's I make people who give me and my associates problems "disappear", we can make your lives wonderful, or if you choose not to except our help, we can always do this the hard way, I mean I want to do this the easy way, I mean I just had my carpet cleaned after the last person who chose to do it the hard way, so please make this easy? So what will it take to get you to join forces?" I explained,

"well you see, we've been on our own for years, so we're not going to come cheap-" Max started to say,

Then I interrupted, "I didn't expect you to come cheap, I control more than you can ever imagine. You want someone to 'disappear'. I can make that happen. Do you want a new Rolls Royce? I can make that happen. Do you want to be president? That's a little harder, but I can still make it happen. Look, you're smart, and I'm no idiot, I know you're a good leader, but the thing is that you're stubborn, but what I'm saying is that turning me down would be your worst mistake you could ever make. So I ask you again, am you in, yes, or no?" I finished speaking,

"FINE!!!, but I will need three million dollars up front, one of those cool looking Rolls Royce's, a mansion in Panama City beach Florida, and finally I want the complete destruction of Itex, and all the mutants to be set free" Max said, acting as expected,

"Michael, set up a Swiss bank account under the name Maximum Ride and have three million dollars put in it immediately, then contact José in Panama and tell him I would like to cash in a favor, and see what we can do about freeing the mutants, and as for the Rolls Royce, here" I said, then tossed Max the keys to one of the Rolls Royce's in our fleet, "thank you for your cooperation, and of course mafia protection comes standard, and if you put this bumper sticker on it, you will never get pulled over" I finished, and so began our beautiful alliance.

Part four: The alliance[]

Chapter 14[]

So, now we are part of the mafia, and I could tell Angel was uncomfortable with this whole being part of organized crime thing,

"Hey sweetie, I know your uncomfortable with this new setup, but look on the bright side, we have protection, we are rich, and we're together," I said attempting to make her feel better,

"I'm sorry, I just was trying to avoid this whole criminal underworld thing, and I feel like all this money is corrupting us," Angel said, while sipping some imported coffee,

"Hey! I think I know what might cheer you up. How about we go out to the pier tonight? Sound good?" I said, feeling like I am losing this battle of trying to cheer her up,

"Sure, anything to get out of the house" Angel said, and gave a shy smile. Later that day we were driving out to buy some fireworks, we came back with a literal "truck load" of fireworks,

"Hey Fang, do you think this will cheer her up?" I said, Fang smiled then said,

"Look, if ten thousand dollars' worth of fireworks won't cheer her up, then I don't know what could,"

I smiled, "you're right, thanks" I said, we are going to have someone set home. So when we got back, Angel was waiting at the door, but something wasn't right, Angel was crying, she ran up to me and bare hugged me,

"I thought you had abandoned me," she sobbed,

"Why? what gave you that impression? I would never do that to you, we love you Angel" I assured her,

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm suffering from separation anxiety, I mean ever since the lab I have been worried that I was going to be abandoned" she said, sadly, "oh, and I hope you don't mind I ordered pizza, sorry, I thought you weren't coming back, so I decided to order pizza, I mean I have to eat" she said sadly,

"So Angel, where is everybody else?" I asked,

"Uh, they went to the beach. So, do you know what the mafia wants from us?" Said Angel,

"Oh, and no I don't, I guess they probably just want cooperation?" I said. Angel shook her head slowly,

"Max, Max, Max, have you EVER seen the Godfather, they always ask for favors, and you CAN'T tell them no, they WILL find a way to make you pay. In the Godfather, someone refused to do what Don Corleone wanted, and wound up with a horse's head in his bed," said Angel. I turned to look at her,

"Wait a second, you saw the Godfather? That is rated R you're 6 you shouldn't watch that kind of stuff, and really? A horses head?" I said,

"oh sorry, and yeah I know, that was messed up, Max, I thought you knew what you were getting yourself into when you said yes, that is why I didn't say anything" she said, now I'm concerned, what she was basically said was to be careful.

Chapter 15[]

"Wow! So pretty!" I said,

"So Angel, I take it you like it " said Max, and smiled,

"Hey Max?" I said,

"Hm?" Said Max,

"I know three million dollars is a lot of money, but if we keep spending huge amounts of money on things like this we will run out quickly, not that I'm not grateful, because I am, but I'm just saying, we need to be careful" I said, just then, something awesome happened, a bunch of fireworks shot up at once and it made the shape of a heart with an arrow through it, and in it is said Angel we love you! And I cried, it was so sweet,

"Thank you Max. I love you!" I said and hugged her hard. After the fireworks, we went out to eat at Pineapple Willy's. After that, I talked Max into taking us to Ripley's. We took a midnight swim, and then we went back to our mansion and slept. In the morning I was sitting at the foot of Max's bed when she woke up,

"Good morning Max" I said cheerily,

"Well, someone's in a good mood today" Max said, kind of curiously,

"Well, yeah, I mean I'm surrounded by people who love me, and I had my first restful sleep in ages" I said truthfully,

"Well that's good, so, did I miss anything?" Max said, I looked at her sadly,

"Actually, I have a confession, I woke up this morning and my mind reading powers were... gone" I said, after a moment's hesitation, Max looked at me with sympathy,

"I'm so sorry sweat-heart, how did this happen?" Max said, this time sounding concerned,

"Well, actually, I don't know how or why my powers went away, but they just are" I said, and then quickly added, "but, you know mind reading isn't as great as it sounds. I mean, do you know how hard it I'd to stop listening, even when it hurts? I mean, I can finally act like a normal kid, so what if I have to rely on luck to when at poker from now on, for me mind reading was more of a curse than a gift, so for the first time in years I am genuinely happy, I just hope you, and the rest of the flock don't mind." I said,

Max smiled, "it's not your fault, they won't mind, why don't we go to IHOP for breakfast today? does that sound good to you?" Max said, then smiled,

"Yes, it does, thank you" I said, touched, and then smiled,

"Your welcome sweetie, and don't worry about what the others think about this whole thing, alright?" Max said,

"Alright, I won't let it get to me" I said,

"Good, then should we wake the others?" Max said,

"Sure why not?" I said.

Chapter 16[]

When we got back from IHOP, we were rolling up in our Rolls Royce, when suddenly, BOOOOOOM!!!!

"WOW!!! What the heck was that?" I said, in mere seconds, our whole world was torn to the ground for like the third time this year,

"I think the mafia is trying to hint that they want to be paid soon, I told you this was too good to be true Max" said Angel, in that oh so annoying, (I told you so) voice,

"Is this really the time?" I said, annoyed,

Angel sighed. "I guess not," she said. Just as she said that, bullets started flying,

"What the heck is going on?" I exclaimed, just as I said that, a bullet grazed my shoulder, "do an up and away!" I ordered, Angel took off first followed closely by Gazzy, then Nudge, Fang, And Iggy, then finally I went last, holding my bleeding shoulder,

"Okay, let's try and find who did this, and get some hard evidence, then we take it from there" I said,

"Max? I'm starting to get worried," said Angel, looking pale as a sheep, "so where to?" Said Angel,

"We head to the mafia headquarters, first, then find out who is behind all of this" I said. Later, after a while of flying we arrived at his base of operation,

"Okay guys, be careful, these guys are so paranoid they make us look trusting," I said, then we landed on the roof,

"So what's the plan, oh great leader?" Said Fang, teasing me,

"I was getting to that, just give me a sec, look, we drop in through the roof, catch them off guard, try to talk it out, then when that doesn't work, we fight to the death" I said,

"Okay, let's try that," said Iggy.

Chapter 17[]

They think they're so clever, well they aren't nearly as clever as they think they are, first off, they neglected to notice the security cameras, second they are wrong about what happened to they're mansion, we didn't do that, we know WHO did it, but WE didn't do it, well, I can't have distrust among my associates, so I will explain what's REALLY going on,

"Long time no see Don," it was Max, dropping unwittingly in the middle of the room, only to be surrounded by my "insurance." The rest of the flock did the same thing.

"well, well, well, I guess you fell for the tricks of the Matzi Gang, they are our sworn enemy, so they tried to get rid of you, I know you think I pulled this, but I actually saved your lives, I knew this was happening, well not early enough to stop it, but early enough to save your lives, you remember the horrible traffic you had today? That was me stalling. so that you would arrive after the bomb went off but due to some bad intel our timing was a little off, but all the same, if it wasn't for me, you would be Bird-Kids-extra-crocoite,(for those of you who don't speak Italian that means Krispy) for your information. I know by now you probably realized that we want something in return for all the things we gave you, well it's time to pay up, your mission is to infiltrate and destroy the Matzi Gang, we have multiple spy's on the inside, that's how I saved your life, you will meet up with agent Williams, then gather intel, and destroy the Matzi Gang from the inside out, now that shouldn't be too hard, be successful, and I will provide anything you wish, but fail, and the consequences will be dire indeed, understood?" I said,

"Understood, but if we do fail, I'm warning you, if you hurt my family I will personally put your head on a platter. Is that understood?" Said Max quite annoyingly,

"Eventually you will learn to respect me but for now, I am desperate to get rid of this threat, they have been causing us trouble for long enough" I said. I waved the guards to "escort" them out.

Part 5: Love, Peace, and Espionage[]

Chapter 18[]

Our first day on the job, we were excited,

"Oh!!! I feel like a real spy," it was Nudge, not realizing the danger,

"Nudge, we're working, not on vacation, so focus," I said, Nudge frowned,

"Say, how do you think they expect us to destroy this organization?" Said Angel,

I just looked at her, "I think if they knew how to do it they wouldn't have recruited us, don't you think?" I said,

She frowned, "sorry I was just curious, but that would be useful information, so I'm guessing we take out the boss and go after the chain of power until it is completely destroyed?" Said Angel, unknowingly giving me a plan,

"Uh, yeah" I said, I felt bad for steeling Angels plan, but I needed to act like a leader, "so, let's go inside, and see what's what, okay?" I said, everyone agreed, we went inside and immediately I was assigned the position of underboss, (this is to easy, I just have to get him alone, and set the trap, the Don, will send his people to pick him up, they will deal with the dirty work, and we will be done.

So tonight I called the Don, and told him my plan, he said he would send his people immediately, then have them wait for the signal, so I snuck in to the Gang leaders room tonight, used the tranquilizer I was given, then slipped him into a bag, Angel gave the signal, and the Don's henchmen picked him up, we then proceeded to do the same with all the higher ups until Max was the highest ranking person, in the morning this would all be over.

In the morning it was chaos, there was no leader in sight, and in the confusion, it was easy to get the Don's army under control, then they were disbanded, as for high-ranking officers in the Gang they arrived at the footsteps of the police station this morning.

Chapter 19[]

"You did a wonderful job with the last mission, so I thank you, and as I promised, anytime you need a "favor" just ask" said the Don, it was finally over,

"your welcome, and believe me we will, so now that our debt is repaid, I would like a temporary leave of absence for me and my "family" to relax, I was thinking a Sicilian vacation" Max said, the Don, looked at me, I looked at him, " I mean, while you fix our house" I finished,

"Okay, you did a great job, so why not?" Said the Don,

I smiled, then said, "thank you"

He leaned over his shoulder, whispered something in Italian, and then said, "Your flight leaves in the morning. If you miss your flight, don't blame me," said the Don,

"We won't miss our flight, I can promise you that," I said, then grinned,

"Okay, now, let's look into finding you guys somewhere to sleep tonight," said the Don,

"Well, I'll be waiting here until there is a place available for us" I said.

That night I hardly slept at all, "Max? I can't sleep" it was Angel,

"What's wrong sweetie?" I asked,

"something doesn't seem right about this whole thing, I mean the Don, seems like a nice guy and all, but I don't trust him, I mean every-time something happens he seems a little top repaired with an alibi, doesn't that seem the least bit suspicious to you?" Angel said genuinely concerned,

"Cathay does seem a little strange I'll admit, but he hasn't done anything to actually hurt us so I'll give him a chance, for now," I said,

"I trust you, but I'm still concerned, so if you can look me in the eye, and tell me without a doubt that you trust him then I will go to bed and follow you on this, but if you can't then you shouldn't do it" said Angel,

"Okay, I trust him" I said, then quickly added, "for now" Angel looked at me, as if gauging whether or not to believe me,

"Okay, I believe you, but I still don't approve of getting involved with the mafia," said Angel.

Chapter 20[]

The next day, we were on a plain heading to Sicily, "Max? Do you mind if I order the in-flight lasagna?" I said,

"No, not at all. After all, the Don, is paying for every single last penny spent," said Max, then she grinned at me, and I grinned back,

"So, how long tell we get to Italy?" It was Gazzy,

"I don't know, hello! Flight attendant," Max said, the flight attendant came over, "uh, hello, um, how long till we land?" Max asked,

The flight attendant smiled, "about nineteen hours, can I get you anything else?" She said,

"No thank you, that's all, and thanks" Max said,

"No problem" said the flight attendant,

"Does that answer your question?" Max said, and grinned at Gazzy,

"Yes. Is anything good playing on the inflight movie list?" Said Gazzy,

"Say, I bet it takes a lot of power to keep this huge plane up, I mean how much power does this thing take? What kind of fuel economy does it get; I bet it's not very good? How fast are we going?" It was motor-mouth-Nudge,

"Uh flight attendant can you please answer her questions?" Max said,

"Why certainly, it's about fifty thousand horsepower, it burns about fifteen thousand gallons an hour, and about 526.595 mph, does that answer all your questions?" She said,

"No thank you" Nudge said,

"I hate being up here, it's too loud, and too small, why couldn't we have "flown" there, like with our wings?" It was Iggy,

I smiled, which was lost on him since he's blind, but the I touched his shoulder, then said, "I know your nervous, your stressed out by all the noise, your claustrophobic, like the rest of us, I get it, but this is a very long trip, and flying the Atlantic Ocean is huge, and we would be exhausted by the time we got there, and be unable to enjoy our vacation, so just relax" said Max, then I felt a tug on my shirt,

"DUCK!!!!" Angel screamed. Look, when a scary formerly mind reading six year old screams duck, I duck. Call me quirky, immediately, like something out of a science fiction movie, a duck flew into the engine, then I heard a loud BOOOOOOOM!!!!! And then we were falling out of the sky,

"Quick, everyone go to the emergency exit, grab someone on your way out, and find somewhere safe to set them down, try to save as many people as possible without getting yourselves killed!" Max said urgently,

"Max! My seat belts stuck!" I said. I was terrified

"Don't worry, I'll think of something" Max said,

"Here you go Angel" it was Gazzy, he pulled out a pair of scissors, then cut her seatbelt,

"How did you, oh never-mind" Max said. About two minutes later the plane had crashed into the ocean, and Max's quick thinking had saved the lives of about fifty people,

"Everyone okay?" Max said, obviously realizing that we were probably quit traumatized,

"We're okay. I mean we're alive, aren't we?" Said Fang, calm and collected as always, how does he do that? Well we got to figure out what to do next, plan need a plan,

"Okay, we'll head back to America, get help out there for the people we rescued, then we fly to Italy via wings, cool?" Max said and there were silent nods in agreement.

Chapter 21[]

After we got back to America, we alerted the National Guard, then went to the Don, and told him what happened,

"How unfortunate, oh well I guess these things can't be helped, well I will find a way to compensate for this unforeseen event" he said,

"We are still going on vacation, but we are going to use our wings to get there this time, okay?" I said,

"Okay, very well then, I will get you a hotel room for when you get there" he said, and we left. The next morning we started our flight, about four hundred miles in we started suffering from fatigue, then we found a boat and landed on it,

"Max? How much further till Italy?" It was Angel, obviously sounding exhausted,

"About forty-three-hundred miles" I said,

"And how far have we come?" Said Angel, "about six-hundred miles" I said,

"ah man, this is going to take us forever, by the time I get there I'm going to feel like noodles in pain" said Angel, I know she is trying to be serious, but the silliness in what she said, coupled with the fact that she was acting serious, made her sound so dang adorable, so I stifled a grin,

"I'm sorry Angel, but once we get there, I'll buy you anything you want, just hold it together till we get there, okay?" I said,

"Okay, ooh!" Said Angel, sounding way too excited. After a few hours, we were back flying, eventually we had gotten about halfway there, and just so happened that passed over a carnival cruise ship heading to Florence, we landed on it, then Angel landed in a heap on the deck of the ship,

"Max I can't keep going, can we just ride this ship to Florence, then fly to Sicily from there?" Said Angel, I looked at her sympathetically,

"Okay, but only if things stay calm, okay?" I said, Angels face brightened, then she ran up to me, wrapped me in a bear hug, then hysterically said,

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Max soooooo much!" I hugged her back,

"You're welcome, oh! And I've been meaning to tell you but there is a nine-hundred dollar budget when we get to Italy, as far as souvenirs go, nothing you can't carry back with you, Caprice? I said,

Angel looked a little less excited, then reluctantly said, "Caprice" I looked at her and said,

"You might want learn to appreciate what you have, or I can always just not get you a souvenir,"

"NO!!!" She said, "I'm sorry, I'll be more grateful" Angel said, then turned away and started pouting.

Part 6: When vacations attack[]

Chapter 22[]

A few days later we arrived in the port in Florence, "Max, I'm tired," Angel complained,

"Why, you didn't do any actual work?" I said. Angel gave me a look, like I was being mean, which I probably was,

"Hey! Stop giving me that look" I said. She started pouting, "and stops pouting" I said,

Then she turned around, "I'm not pouting," she said defiantly,

"And stop arguing" I said,

"I'm not arguing," she argued,

"You're arguing about arguing," I said. She stormed off,

"You're not going to run away again are you? Because that worked out so well for you last time" I said, and then she stopped and collapsed on the ground and threw a hissy fit, "keep that up and you can forget about a souvenir," I said,

"No!!!" She said,

"Don't yell at me, or your grounded," I said,

"No!!!" Angel said, then I figured it out, she was tired,

"Look, maybe you need to take a nap, I think you're acting like this because you're tired, so let's get to the hotel, and get you some sleep, okay sweetie?" I said,

"Okay, I'm sorry" Angel said,

"It's okay sweetheart, it can't be helped," I said. Once we were back at the hotel, I fixed us all something to eat then we took a little nap. After we woke up, we booked ourselves a tour,

"Okay everyone, we have to hurry if we are going to make it to the Roman Colosseum before lunchtime, everybody was enjoying themselves, then there was a loud BOOOOM!

"Get down!!!" Angel said, everyone got down, just as a huge landmark, the Roman Colosseum went up in a cloud of smoke and rubble,

"What was that?" Fang said, I looked at him,

"Don't know" I said, eloquent as ever, I turned around, did a head count, Fang, Me, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel? Where's Angel?

"AHH!!!!" I heard an ear splitting scream from over behind me, I looked to see we're it was coming from, it was Angel, trapped under a piece of rubble about as big as her and easily more than three hundred pounds,

"Guys, help me out, I need a hand!" I said, then Fang, Iggy, and me lifted the huge piece of rubble, while the others, pulled Angel out, it was like something out of a horror movie, she was covered in blood, I immediately started shaking her and talking to her to see if she was okay,

"How many fingers am I holding up?" I asked, holding up three,

"Six?" She said,

"Yeah, that's right" I said, lying. I didn't want to worry her. She probably has a concussion, and she definitely has some broken bones,

"Sweetie, can you feel your legs?" I said, she looked at me,

"Yeah, they REALLY hurt" Angel said, just then a doctor finally arrived,

"Oh dear, she seems to have lost a lot of blood, we need to get her to a hospital, quick!" Said the doctor,

I wanted to say "no duh, Sherlock" but I didn't. Within minutes an ambulance was here, and we were on our way to the hospital,

"You'll be okay sweetheart, I promise," I said,

"Max? You lied to me about how many fingers you were holding up, just like you lying to me now., tell me the truth Max, am I really going to live? And if I live, will I ever walk again? Max, I'm not going to lie to you, I am scared, but I would rather know the truth and not like it then be told a lie to make me feel better" Angel said sadly, but never let it be said that I Maximum Ride am not stubborn,

"No! You're not going to die, and you're going to walk. nobody dies till I say so, and even if you don't walk again, I will still love you the same. it doesn't matter what happens, you will always be my baby. They say recovery is ninety-eight percent physiological and two percent medical, so don't you give up on me! We are headed to the hospital right now, and you will be okay!" I said, and then she blacked out.

Chapter 23[]

"Quick! She's losing a lot of blood," said one doctor,

"Sir, she going into shock!" Said a nurse,

"We're losing her," said another doctor,

"Get the defibrillator," another doctor said,

zzzzzzzzztttttttt, "clear!" Said one doctor,

"Get her to the ER, and prep the patient for surgery," said another doctor,

"We are going to need a blood donor, and as far as I know, she is the only person I have ever seen who has nuclei in her blood cells" finished the doctor,

"I'll do it!" Said Max, eager to help any way she could,

"My blood cells have nuclei too, please let me help, she is my baby, I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to her"

The doctor looked at me, "thank you, it's much appreciated" he said. After hours of agony and hearing nothing about Angels condition, we finally got word,

"It was very sketchy at first, but she is going to live, as for if she will ever walk again, at this point I would consider investing in a wheelchair" he said,

"When can I go see her?" I said anxiously,

"After she wakes up, we had to put her under for surgery, it will be at least two hours," he said.

I went to tell the flock the news, "my sister is going to live!!!" Gazzy exclaimed,

"I know we will still love her despite the fact that she might not walk again, but will she be able to live with herself, and physiologically, she may never recover" said Fang, being all depressing and moody,

"Look guys, I know you're depressed about this, we all are, but we will all get through this together," I said,

"Angel's awake, you can come see her now" said a doctor, I walked into the pop orating room,

"Hi Max" It was weak and raspy, but that voice was my baby,

"Hey, sweetie, are you feeling better?" I said, tears welling up in my eyes (I'm serious, it took all my restraint not to burst into tears and hug her way to tightly for her injuries, see, I can show restraint) she looked at me and gave me a weak smile,

"Max, tell me the truth, am I ever going to walk again? I know that I probably won't like the answer, what did the doctor say?" She said, sounding frightened,

I smiled "you'll be walking again in no time" I said,

"You are such a bad liar, you know that right?" Angel said,

"Am not, lying is my livelihood, if I can't even lie to you to make you feel better, then I'm in trouble" I said,

Angel gave a little laugh "ha-ha, ha"

I looked at her, and smiled, "look, the doctor might not have confidence in your recovery, but I do, so I don't care what it takes I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a smooth recovery,

"I hope your right Max, I love you," Angel said,

"I am, don't worry about it, and I love you to" I responded.

Chapter 24[]

The next few weeks were the longest weeks of my life. They were recovery weeks,

"Angel? Can you feel your legs now?" Fang asked,

"A little, Fang? Do you think I could get some water?" Angel asked sweetly,

"Sure, I'll be right back," said Fang, then he gave a rare smile,

"Hey sweetie? How are you feeling?" I said, trying not to cry my eyes out,

"I'm alright, the people here are really nice, they bring me free food, and talk to me and all kinds of stuff," Angel said then smiled,

I looked into her sweet eyes, then gave a reassuring smile, "you will, be walking again in no time," I promised.

The next day I came to see Angel and you'd never believe this, she was standing on her own two feet, "sweetie? Y-y-y-your standing! Fang, get the others, my baby is standing!" I said, joy overflowing, Fang came in, followed by Gazzy, Nudge, and Iggy,

"How are you feeling sweetie? Can you walk?" I said, looking intently at her, she looked at me, a mixture of relief, and insecurity,

"Yeah, sort of. Max? When can we go? The people here are nice and all, but the smells here are making me dizzy as a Dodo Bird," Angel said, holding on to the pole, thing that holds the IV for support,

"Sure thing, sweetie, Fang, Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy? Let's blow this Popsicle stand," I said, then everyone followed me out the window, we flew for a good hour and a half, and landed on the deck of a cruise ship headed for America,

"Sweetie?" I said,

"Hm?" Angel responded, looking confused,

"Once we get back stateside, I will get you some physical therapy, and we'll try to find a connection between the explosions that seem to happen, just when things start to go right, then if possible put a stop to it, sound good?" I said,

She just looked at me, her big blue eyes troubled, "sure, you're the leader Max, and I'm with you all the way" Angel said,

I gave her a reassuring smile (or at least I hope it was reassuring), then said, "Glad to hear your on-board, for now, I want you to rest, okay sweetie?" I said,

She gave a shy smile, and said, "Okay Max, see you when I get up."

Chapter 25[]

"So, the bird-kid is okay?" I said, deceptively mild,

Michael stood there, "Don, there was no way to know this would happen, this new terrorist group has been growing in size way quicker than expected" he said, that was his department, and admitting such a failure is never something you wanted to have to do, the consequences for such a mistake, could potentially be fatal, but lying about it would just make it worse,

"Number One, Number Two, get this worthless piece of garbage out of my sight, and everyone else? Let this be a lesson to you about what happens when you fail, I always said failure is not an option, it never was, and it never will be" I said, then added, "kick him out, medium style, this man is now a liability, and I think this goes without saying, but nothing you saw here today ever happened, I wouldn't usually feel the need to explain this, but since I'm surrounded by incompetent morons, I guess I have to explain everything" I said,

I guess at this point you are probably wondering what happened to Michael, am I right? Well I could tell you, but you will live longer if I don't, still want to know? I thought not,

"I'm sorry sir, I will be more careful in the future about whom we let in, and what do we do now?" It was one of my associates,

"nothing, we're out of the picture, the flock has defiantly noticed the lapse in security, the fatal lapse, Max is no idiot, I know that now she will want nothing to do with us now, we could always use force to keep her, but I know that will only cause resentment, and she will not cooperate, so just let them go, but keep an eye on them, I don't want our secrets getting out, Caprice?" This is the end of our alliance.

The End?


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