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This page is for a character created by ShadowBobcat10.

Ava Memory is a Avian-Human hybrid with the ability to shape-shift and read minds of most humans and some birds. She is part of the Voyager Agency universe. She appears in Ava, Number Twelve.



Given Name: Female Subject Twelve
Common Name: Ava Patricia Memory

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Dark green

Bird Species: Unknown

Status: Alive

Detailed Description[]

The name the Whitecoats gave her was Female Subject Twelve, but she and her friend, Ian, decided to name themselves. The name Ava is a play on the word avian, and so is her friend Ian's.

When she is rescued by Kathryn Janeway, Janeway gives her the last name of Memory. Ava is about 13, but her real birthday is unknown. She is female (duh!) and is about 5'8". She has light brown hair, dark green eyes, slightly tanned skin, and light freckles. She can look like Maximum Ride, Nudge, and Angel. She can also read the minds of most humans, some birds, and certain cats. She is currently alive.


Ava lived in Death Valley for most of her 13 years of living. She and Ian Kane would often have fun together and Ian once stated that they slept in the same dog crate for many years, though it is implied that they haven't done that in a while. She was the first of the Female Subjects to stay alive, but Ian found many backup Subjects still at the School.

Ava once described that Ari would taunt her and Ian, inviting them to fly but not actually letting them. Ava also had frequent car rides with Jeb, her favorite Whitecoat. She is used to medical tests, such as X-rays, blood testing, and others, but they are much more humane than the ones Max and the Flock experienced in the old School.

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