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This page is for a character created by Slimshady2015.

This page is on a subject associated with the alternate universe fanfiction Night of the Living Max.

Bella from the Night of the Living Max universe is a young girl that befriends Angel. She has brown hair and violet blue eyes.


Bella reminds Angel of how she used to be. when Bella is shot angel refuses to let her die, so she becomes a vampire too.

Bella becomes Angel's apprentice, following her as she defended mortals against Major and his "men."

When Alucard fought Angel, Bella tragically died to save Angel. She is dearly missed, though.

At the end of Night of the Living Max though, after Angel "wakes up," Bella is seen eating an apple atop an oak tree, disputing the fact that she died.


Angel always loves you!

–Angel to Bella, Night of the Living Max

Bella is a sweet child who does not like the language that Angel uses.

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