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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 18 February 2017

Top 10 Lists

Sadly, the Top 10 Lists feature on Wikia has been retired. As you may remember, used it to rank the best fanfictions of the year and our Flock Reacts fan art. With the sunset of this feature, those pages, and their ranks, have been removed.

A new voting method is being decided by our local staff right now. If you have any inputs, feel free to comment below.

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NathTheMaster NathTheMaster 3 February 2017


Ok, I have a question. Why are there NO drawings of Max when she is pregnant? And by that I mean like 11 weeks, 5 months, 9 months, or drawings of baby Phoenix? If you have answeres, or want to draw a picture, let me know and I will thank you forever!

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NathTheMaster NathTheMaster 2 February 2017

Why James Patterson should write another book

So, in my opinion, James Patterson should write another book, this time with Max and Phoenix narrating. It could follow their adventures around the world looking for new mutants, setting up a post apocalyptic scociety, and some other stuff. I think he should write another book as the ending literally made me throw the book across the room. I mean, they jump off of a cliff for Phoenix's first flight lesson and the book ends? Really?

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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 25 June 2016

Promoting the Wiki!

As some of you might have noticed, this magnificent Fanfiction wiki is a pretty quite place. Today, I will propose a solution to this.

On Community Central, they suggest writing a blog on Community Central to attract contributors. Today, I ask you, the wonderful community of Maximum Ride Fanfiction, to help me write a beautiful ad for Community Central. We're all writers here. I believe we can do this.

Post your suggestions in the comments, and I will periodically update this blog post to reflect what the community has decided.

Happy editing!

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Slimshady2015 Slimshady2015 1 February 2016

why Angel is my baby ^.^

I think most people agree that Angel is absolutely adorable, but to me I just don't think it gets much cuter than her. it is a well known fact that Angel is my favorite character. I have always found a way to forgive her for her actions.

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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 1 January 2016


Hello fellow members of the Maximum Ride Fanfic community! This is your loyal b-crat, reporting for duty. I've turned on the achievements for a test run, so if you think there are any more categories that should be added, please let me know. To learn more about achievements, visit Help:Achievements. These achievements show up in Special:Leaderboard.

  • Main Edit Track
  • Category Track
  • Image Track
  • Blog Track
  • Category:Fanfictions Track
  • Category:Characters Track

I am open to more suggestions, so happy editing!

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KCCreations KCCreations 27 September 2015

Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki: The Album

Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki: The Album is a compilation album written and performed by the Flock and users of the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki. It was produced by various artists, including Madeon and Coldplay the Gasman, Jeb Batchelder, and JESSIE.

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Track listing
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 References

Rina Maximum Zaslavski (also known under her stage name Rina-Z), former admin of the MRFW, got the inspiration for the album after reading a similar blog on another Wikia wiki. "The blog made me laugh and just sounded so creative," she recalled a few minutes after the album was officially done being produced, "so I decided I wanted to try it out myself."

Writing all the songs took mere seconds, per Zaslavski; producing them, however, took at least an hour.…

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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 20 August 2015

Fanfiction Feedback

When you read a fanfiction, don't you wish there was an simple, quick, and easy way to give feedback? Well now there is!

At the bottom of all completed fanfictions, there is a feedback section where you can rate each fanfic. Please do not use the template to add this section. The template is broken and will be removed soon.

A list of all completed fanfics can be found here.

The polls have been wiped and redone, due to a problem where one poll would sync to the polls with the same questions and answers on other pages. With the addition of the fanfic name, now the fanfic poll should work.

There also are problems with voting on the phone at the moment, so apologies if you contribute with a mobile device.

If there are anymore problems, please comm…

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Max the paranoid android Max the paranoid android 18 August 2015

An explanation for my Inactivity

Hello there, everyone. You may or may not remember me poping up on this wiki a while ago and then promptly vanishing into thin air. I had just read the first book in the Maximum ride series, and I had really enjoyed it. However, soon after finishing it I forgot all about both the book series and the wiki, and focused on other things. Recently I stumbled across this wiki again, and decided to offer an explanation of sorts for my inactivity. I'm not making any promises, but I may drop by this wiki for time to time. In the meantime, I'm mainly active on the Custom Bionicle Wiki.

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RisenPhoenix RisenPhoenix 15 June 2015


As I am sure most of you know, I am adopting the wiki!

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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 9 June 2015

The Quest for the World's Best Cookie

Hello, fellow Maximum Ride fans. I was reading The Angel Experiment again, and when I came across Max's hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie, I got an idea. Why don't I make my own home made cookies - without a box.

Thus came my awesome white chocolate almond cookies. But what about you? What was the best cookie you've ever had? Was it the one your mother made? Or was it one of Mrs. Field's cookies?

Whatever your experiences with cookies are, please comment about the most awesome cookie experience you've ever had. Because mine was just yesterday.

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ShadowBobcat10 ShadowBobcat10 26 April 2015

Favorite Flock Member

Hello fellow Max fanfiction writers and lovers! I was just wondering, who is your favorite flock member? And do you know what the best way to resolve this? A blog post poll! Please vote for your favorite flock member and if you'd like, comment about what makes them so awesome.

If the person/talking dog (Total) you like best wasn't listed, there's always room for discussion in the comments! Thanks.

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Max the paranoid android Max the paranoid android 6 April 2015

Story background info

Hello dere numerous peoples of teh world wide interwebs! It is I, Max, here with a little update on some possible upcoming stories of mine. While these stories have no exact schedule, I do have a full week off and summer is coming soon, so stay tuned for.... Crossovers! :D YAYZ

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Max the paranoid android Max the paranoid android 26 March 2015

Hi there

Hello all! This blog will just serve as my introduction to the community of this wiki, and all I wanted to say is that I am very happy to be here and am looking forward to contributing (albeit by way of fan fiction) to the already massive Maximum Ride universe. Sooooooooo That's all I wanted to say. :P Bye!

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Slimshady2015 Slimshady2015 12 March 2015

Why I love this wiki

This is just an awesome place to write and publish fanfictions. I have personally created two fanfics, and I am working on three. After that I plan to continue writing fanfics. So here is a list of things I love most about this wiki from 1-10. 1- the staff is very freindly. 2- I can easily contact the Admins and get help. 3- the people here are nice. 4- the people here are open minded. 5- the people here are more than willing to offer constructive critisism. 6- the admins are forgiving (for the most part) 7- when I have technical issues, the admins seem to make it first priority. 8- this wiki makes fan-fictions easy to make and/or edit. 9- this wiki has givin me the opportunity to show work to people who would normally never be able to get…

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Maximum Ride Nudge Maximum Ride Nudge 2 November 2014

To Do List

lots 2 do! :D

all help is appreciated

will update often...

  • template: fanon pages use
    • color coding on book fanon change(?)
    • apply info summaries of books/charac
  • apply cat:Characters to character fanon pgs
  • add userboxes templates
  • community messages update
  • link w/ maximum ride wiki official and vice versa
  • welcome message on forum
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