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This fanfiction is a Heroes of Olympus and Maximum Ride crossover.

Enter the Royals! is set in a world where Max and Fang are aliens from another planet. It includes characters from all of my favorite books, including Heroes of Olympus, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Divergent, the Twilight Saga, and the Mark of the Dragonfly. I don't own most of the characters; the authors do! I own Marlissa, Lesley, and Tequila (Yes i know that's a type of alcohol).

Chapter One []

Max was flying over Central Park when Angel asked, "Can we please stop now, Max?"

Max realized the little ones were about to fall out of the sky. "Yes we can-" Max replied, until she was cut off by a strange looking net thrown over her.  She managed to turn around and what she saw took her breath away. "Father."

Suddenly, a memory over took Max. She was around twelve when the worst one yet happened. Her father, King Icranus, already hated her. She guessed that making a bad dinner was the last straw.

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the Edge, a never-ending cliff, then tied her wings behind her back and pushed her off. That was when Max realized that the WHOLE flock was watching.

Quickly, Max snapped out of the flashback.

"You are coming with me, daughter." her father stated. He snapped his fingers and dissapeared with Max.

"Fang," Nudge asked. "Who was that? Why did he take Max? Where is that cliff? How do you know him?"

"Well," Fang replied. "I am the second in line for the throne for a kingdom called Montavious. I don't know why He took Max."

Suddenly a girl crashed into Fang. "Marlissa?"

"Who's Marlissa? Why is her hair blue? Why does she look like you Fang? What-"

Nudge's sentence was cut off by Iggy, who clapped a hand over her mouth.

"This is Marlissa, my little sister," Fang explained. "She is a lutennat of the Montaviousan and Solvanian royal guard."

"I'm NOT little!" Marlissa shouted in a heavily accented voice. "I'm 16! Anyway, pleased-to-meet-you, I'm-Marlissa, my-talent-is-water. I'm-the-youngest-princess-of-Montavious," she said faster then Nudge.

Suddenly, something smashed into Marlissa from behind and started shouting. "HELP MARLISSA!!!!! MAX IS HALF DEAD! IT TOOK ALL MY ENERGY TO FLY HERE AND DAD'S GONNA KILL ME!"

"Max is half dead? We have to save her! Where is she?" Nudge asked in one breath.

"She'is in a city called Xaxana, in Icrainius. Icrainius is an island off of the coast of Solvania," the girl said. "We can take you there, but first we have to get all of her other sisters. Plus Bella."

"This is Tequila, Max's youngest sister. Her talent is nature," Fang replied. "And yes, we will rescue Max."

"Where do we need to go first?" Marlissa asked.

"Camp Half Blood," Fang replied. "That's where Max's second youngest sister is. Her name is Annabeth."

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Marlissa shouted. "I'll go!"

"Then I can get Bella and her vampires," Fang said.

Chapter Two[]

To be continued...