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This page is for a character created by ShadowBobcat10.


This fanfiction is a Voyager Agency and Maximum Ride crossover.

Ian Kane is the avian-human hybrid with the ability to shape-shift, read minds, and send messages in the form of dreams to other Minddrinkers. He is part of the Voyager Agency crossover fanfics Ava, Number Twelve and Freedom and Other Dreams.



Given Name: Male Subject Eight
Common Name: Ian Evan Kane

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 97 lbs

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Green

Bird Species: Unknown

Status: Alive

Detailed Description[]

The name the whitecoats gave him was Male Subject Eight, but Ava Memory gave him the name Ian. He later chose the last name Kane, and Kathryn Janeway gave him the middle name Evan before she let him go.

Ian is either 11 or 12, since is birthday is unknown. He is 5'4", and weighs 97 lbs. He has green eyes and brown hair, but no freckles. He can change to look like Fang, Gazzy, and Iggy, though prefers the Gassman for some reason. He can read minds and send dreams to others, most notably to Ava.


Ian lived in Death Valley, California for most of his life. He would always be with Ava as if she was his older sister. They slept in the same dog crate for many years but it is implied that they hadn't done that in a while. He never knew about the other Avas and Ians until much later, right before is escape from the School, and his eventual leaving of Voyager Agency.

Ian once described the School as "...the only world known to me. It's so different everywhere else, it's not funny..." and seemed to have wanted to find out what other things were happening at the School. He seemed to enjoy the School much more than Ava did.

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