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Joey Verity is an avian-human hybrid that can shape-shift, float, run invisibly, and read the minds of most humans and some birds. He appears in Ava, Number Twelve and Freedom and Other Dreams, crossovers with the Voyager Agency universe. He is an OC.

Appearance Edit

Statistics Edit

Given Name: Male Subject Eleven
Common Name: Joey Andrew Verity

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Height: 5'1"

Weight: approx. 79 lbs

Hair Color: Dark blond

Eye Color: Green

Wing Color: Black

Bird Species: Unknown

Status: Alive

Detailed Description Edit

The name the whitecoats gave him was Male Subject Twelve, but he gave himself the name Joey when he was three and his best friend Klaus gave him the last name Verity, meaning truth, when he was seven. His human friend, David, gave him the middle name Andrew.

Joey is either 10 or 11, but he doesn't know his exact birthday. The last time he was on a scale, he was 79 lbs, but he hasn't measured his weight for a while now, so he doesn't know how much he weights. He can read minds, shape-shift into Fang, Iggy, or Gazzy, but he prefers Fang. He thinks black wings look cool. He can float about three feet in the air without his wings and he can run invisibly, opposite to Fang's ability to be unseen when he is not moving.

History Edit

Joey Verity lives in Death Valley, California. His best friend was Male Subject Ten, known as Klaus to most. He spent time with all the other Subjects at the School, his friends being Klaus and Female Subject Sixteen, known as Brianna, who was a little sister to Joey. He didn't meet Male Subject Eight, or Ian Kane until later.

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