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This fanfiction has not yet been finished.

(Insert Max's dream from the beginning of Maximum Ride)

I wake up in a panic, then I realize I'm safe. Not running from Erasers, but in my bed, at home. Safe. I get up and walk to the kitchen to find Iggy cooking bacon as Lynn tried to help, mostly flirting with him. Iggy and Lynn are both 14 and flock members, also helplessly in love. "Good morning," I say, eyeing Iggy's hand on Lynn's back. Gazzy trudges into the kitchen. I ruffle his hair "I'm gonna go wake the girls up." I say, walking off. I walk over to Nudge and Angel's room to find Angel already dressed and Nudge in the bathroom. "Hurry up," I say. "Can you do my buttons?" Angel asks me sweetly. I crouch next to her and slide her buttons into place. I hear Fang trudging into the kitchen.

We're all one happy flock. Only four of us are actually related, though. Fang and Lynn are twins and Gazzy and Angel are siblings, and yes, we have wings. There's something special about Lynn, though. If she gets mad enough, she'll pretty much turn into the evil mom from Caroline, but paler with longer hair. She can rip people in half in that form, and I've seen her make out with Iggy while still in Monster-Lynn form. He doesn't mind, though. Too in love, I guess.

Angel and I go back to the kitchen to find everyone already eating, but Lynn and Iggy are gone. "Where are the lovebirds?" I ask Fang. "Iggy asked her if she could help him 'make his bed" Fang grumbled. He was extremely overprotective of his twin sister and wasn't always the nicest to Ig. I groan and start walking to Iggy's room. I push open the door, praying to find them fully clothed. Half granted. Iggy's shirt is on the floor. "Cmon, stop eating each other and go eat some damn bacon." I throw Iggy's shirt in his direction and walk off, grinning.