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Maria Valencia Ride is the three-year-old human-avian hybrid daughter of Maximum Ride and Fang .


Maria is 3'8" and weighs 57 pounds. Like most human-avian hybrids, she is tall and thin for her age.

She has a heart-shaped face with a few hardly noticeable freckles. She is slightly tanned; more light-skinned than her father, but darker than her mother.

She has long, curly dark blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders. Like her mother's hair, it looks brown sometimes.

Maria's eyes are a very piercing dark color. It is difficult to tell if they are black or a very, very dark brown, but they usually look more black.

She has enormous pitch-black wings like her father. However, they have some tiny white flecks here and there. Perhaps inherited from her mother.

Even at her age, Maria has already demonstrated powers. One of them, which she inherited from her father, is the ability to turn invisible if she sits still long enough. The other one is the ability to show someone her thoughts by looking into their eyes. Neither of her parents have this power, so it is most likely the result of a sort of mutation.

Notably, she also has a Voice in her head. This was likely inherited from her mother, though it might be the result of her incredible bond with Angel.


Maximum Ride (Mother)

Fang (Father)

Valencia Martinez (Grandmother)

Ella Martinez (Aunt)

Jeb Batchelder (Grandfather)

Ari Batchelder (Uncle, deceased)

Angel, Nudge (Adoptive aunts)

Gasman, Iggy (Adoptive uncles)

Misadventures in Parenting[]

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Maria wakes Max and Fang up early in the morning. She then flies away, apparently wanting to play tag.

She goes outside and is shortly afterwards kidnapped by Erasers and taken to the School, where she meets Jeb.