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A Maximum Ride Madoka Magika parody. This does NOT use the charectors from Madoka Magika. Angel plays the role of Madoka Kaname, Total plays the part of Kubae. this may very well be a Maximum ride story of Magical girls, but trust me it gets dark, this is a Genre bender. it will take everything you THINK you know about this genre and flip it on its head. A word of warning, there is time travel involved later on so be warned that when the tense that the narrator uses switches tense, just know this is NOT a mistake. This story discusses the effects of multiple time paradoxes later on. this is a thrilling read front to back. this stories rating is T due to Mild language, short frequent scenes of moderate violence, and extreme possibility of psychological trauma. 'YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


Running, just keep Running. Angel finds herself running through a giant maze "where the hell is the exit?!" she shouts, eventually she finds herself at the end of the maze where she finds a door. naturally she opens the door, and finds herself standing on top of a skyscraper in the middle of a war zone. she sees this fifteen year old girl fighting a giant monster and losing horribly. Angel looks in horror she says with tears streaming down her eyes "Why is she taking this monster on by herself?"

Just then Angel hears a bark behind her but you can help her, all you have to do is agree to be a magical girl Angel Ride." Angel looks at this strange dog who seams to e able to communicate telepathically. she says "but, I don't know how I would do that?

the dog looks at her amused and says You just need to make a contract with me. Angel Looks at the dog and says "what do I need to do?"

You simply make a wish then that wish will form a soul gem. Angel looks nervous for she does not know what to wish for.

SUDDENLY an alarm goes off and she wakes up with a cold sweat on her forehead "what a strange dream!"

she runs downstairs to get breakfast, not realizing that what happened was a vision and NOT a dream. she will come to wish it were merely a dream.


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