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This is a Maximum Ride Higurashi parody. Maximum Ride and her family moves to Oyashiro Sama's village, which is cursed. Oyashiro Sama's curse is that when everyone in their village dies, the timeline starts over. There will be two humans sacrifices. One is killed, the other disappears. Only, Rika knows what's going on, and she has lived this timeline for over a thousand years. This year, the one keeping everyone sane dies.


I wake up and fervently look around to see if the source of my hell is here yet. At first I don't see anything. In fact, I almost sigh in relief. The key word in that statement is almost. I see him.

Ari roams the halls of the school, his sole purpose is to take any shred of joy I have and just piss all over it. Quickly, I try to pretend that I am asleep, because if I am still asleep, he is not allowed to hurt me till the other Whitecoats get here.

Unfortunately, I'm not fast enough. and he sees me. "Looks like the little piglet is awake. You ready to play?" he says with a hideous grin. I never thought that someone could make the word "play" sound so menacing.

I look at him with big innocent eyes. "Please Ari, I don't want to-" I say before he interrupts me.

"I don't give two shits what you want! Do you think I wanted to be a fucking monster? How many times did I beg the Whitecoats not to turn me into this thing? If I can't be happy, neither can you!"

I look at him with pity and sob uncontrollably. "You know that is not my fault," I say though tears.

He opens the cage and picks me up by my throat. "How many times do I have to tell you that don't fucking give a shit?" Ari screams. "You will pay for testing my patients!"

I am about to ask what he means by that when he grabs a hold of my precious wings, and with one swift movement of his hands, a sharp, horrible pain went up through my back, followed by a warm ooze flowing down it.

I collapse on the ground crying, but my, well, I would say torment, but by this point it literally becomes torture, is just beginning. Ari picks me up by my hair and drags me over to a gurney and straps me down. He starts beating me mercilessly, and the more I cry, the worse it hurts. We are in a remote part of the school of the school, so no one is coming to help, well, not like I expect anyone at this fucking madhouse to give a fuck.

I lay there for weeks on end. He stands there for hours each day beating me. As he beats me, he yells about how how worthless and pathetic I am. Sometimes, even after he leaves, he pours salt onto my open wounds, and leaves me there to fester in agony. Sad as it is, I start to believe the things he says, and I know I am a pathetic piece of shit.

On some days, he dowses me in gasoline. It's made worse by the fact that my wounds were never patched up while there. I am ashamed to say this, but I must confess that I have let Ari steal my joy.

I've been laying on that table for a month. I'm laying there, awaiting another day of misery, and then suddenly, I hear this BOOM!!! A huge hole has been blown in the wall and to my pleasant surprise, I see this girl who looked about fourteen come over to me and untie me from the table. My ears still ringing from the blast, I envelope her in a hug as soon as I am able to move.

She looks at me and says, "I could hear your cries of pain all the time and as soon as my family escaped we decided to rescue you. You don't have to be alone anymore. You're family now."

I hug her tighter. This girl is my salvation. Or so I thought.

I quickly find out this girl has little tolerance for what she called "incessant whining." It is an improvement, however, since there isn't any physical abuse. Well, though there is no physical abuse, there is emotional abuse. For a little over a year, I experience night terrors. Whenever Max is awaken by my screaming in the middle of the night, and she'll run into my room and shake me awake, saying stuff like, "Stupid ass motherfucking piece of shit! Why can't you be normal?"

It's on one of these days when I'm just moping around, feeling like shit, when Max walks in and screams, "Get your stupid motherfucking ass off the ground and do some shit! We don't need loafers around here!"

"I'm tired," I muttered, looking at my pink shoes.

"You're tired," Max sarcastically bit back. "Well, I'm tired, too. I'm not laying around like a bag of shit. Fucking get up, bitch."

She hauls me off the ground by the stub of my wing, and it hurts so bad I can't completely stifle my scream. "Okay, I'll do something."

"Yeah, do something. If you don't, I'll throw you out into the streets and have the feral dogs eat you."

I run to Fang's room. Fang is the only person who isn't insistently making me feel like shit. He is the only person who will always comfort me, no matter what.

"My Ange, what's wrong?" he asks, like he always does. I leap into his arms, burying my face into his black sweater. He pats my head, and wraps his wings around me.

"Max," I manage to say. That's all he needs. Fang walks out of the room, looking for that bitch, since he happens to be the only one of any of us who has the ability to calm Max down when she goes off on me.

Unfortunately this alone is not enough to stop my own shit talk inside my own head. I always have the feeling that I am worthless, like what Ari said, like what Max says.

Often, I go to sleep hearing Fang and Max duke it out, though Max almost always loses.

My situation feels so hopeless, I have tried to kill myself on multiple occasions. Fang always manages to find me, always manages to talk me out of it.

After a year of this, I burn down the house to try and kill Max. However, it doesn't work, so I blame the fire on an Eraser attack. I convince Max that America is no longer safe, and we move to Japan.

We're on the plane, and I will vow to try to deal with my insecurity and to never let anyone call me a weirdo.

Part one: Oyashiro Sama's Curse[]

chapter One[]

Okay, hello. Today is my first day of school here in Hinamizawa. Just like always, I am nervous. I take a seat at my desk. This is a small school. In fact, all the kids got to this classroom.

The teacher walks in and says, "Good morning class. Today, we have six new transfer students. Please welcome the Ride family to our proud village of Hinamizawa." She points to me. "I would first like to introduce Angel Ride. She would normally be in the first grade, but just because she is so smart, we are moving her up to the third grade. Angel, why don't you tell the class about yourself?"

I nervously walk to the front of the classroom. "Hello, my name is Angel," I say. "I moved here with my family after I was transferred to this school. My skills are problem solving and strategy."

Later that day, this girl walks up to me. She can't be more than a year older than me. "Hello Angel, my name is Rika Furude, and this is my friend Satako Hojo. I was wondering if you wanted to join a club with us?"

I nod my head. A girl about Max's age walks up behind me and says, "I'm is Mion Sonozaki, and I want to inform you that in order for you to get in the club you have to pass a test. The test is that you have to beat me in a game of Old Geezer."

I look at her with a confusion. "Don't you mean Old Maid?"

She starts to laugh. "No, here we don't play Old Maid. The difference is in old maid, you lose if you get the maid. In this game, you want your only card to be the old geezer card, but be warned. We are experts at this game," Mion finishes talking.

I say, "Sure, I have nothing to lose."

Mion shakes my hand and says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

We sit down at the table and Rena Ryugu deals the cards. She grins. "You will lose. The Sonozaki's are undefeated. Her family has the God Oyashiro Sama on her side."

As she finishes Mion speaks up. "This is a simple punishment game. When you lose, you will have to parade around the school tomorrow dressed like a baby, with a pacifier and diaper and all." She grins, pleased with herself.

I look at her with suspicion and say, "And on the off chance that I win, I want you to get a tattoo of a rainbow flag on your right arm. Do we have a deal?"

"Why not?" Mion says. "There is no possibility that you could ever win at this anyway."

Rena looks excited and says, "Angel dressed like a baby, so cute!!!"

It took all of about fifteen seconds for me to realize that I was at a disadvantage. Three turns in, I have half the deck and no old geezer card. Maybe Rena was right. I look at Mion and then I got it. I got a plan.

"Excuse me, can I go to the restroom?" I say. I get up and walk into the bathroom, locking the door. I take my shoes off, so they think I am in here, then crawl out the window and run to the game store.

It takes me a while, but I find the card I need and run back to the school. I crawl back in the window and put my shoes on. I walk back into the classroom with the card shoved up my sleeve.

Mion eyes me suspiciously. "Say, what took you so long? You were gone for long enough for me to think that you might have sneaked off somewhere."

I freeze in my tracks. Could they know? No way, they are bluffing. They are obviously trying to get me to confess. She wants me to say or do something suspicious so I can lose. I look at her with a straight face and say, "my meatloaf was not agreeing with me." I sit down.

It is time to implement my plan. I start sneezing to cause a distraction, then I sneeze hard enough that I knock the cards off the table. I look at them apologetically and say, "Don't worry, I will pick them up." I kneel on the ground and as I pick them up, I sneak my card into the deck.

I put the cards on the table and sit back down, and for some reason Mion is laughing hysterically. she looks at me and says, "I know you sneaked a card in the deck, and I am afraid that you lose. However, I like your spirit, so you are in. Also, don't think I forgot about the penalty." I wince.

chapter Two[]

Well, I wake up this morning dreading school. People already don't take me seriously, I kind of go to school hoping they forgot with no such luck. I end up spending the day dressed as a baby.

Once we met for the club, things were not so bad. Mion looks at me. "Hey, if you didn't want to dress like a baby, then you should not have agreed to the terms."

We decide that we were going to have a game of zombie survival. It is kind of like tag, and kind of like hide and seek. We draw straws to decide who would be the zombie. Long story short, Satako lost.

"Okay now, don't look for us until you can tell me the prime of six million seven hundred and seventy thousand," I say.

She looks mad. "You know I am not good at math!"

I can see the numbers turning in her head then after about ten minutes she says, "there are three prime numbers. 2 cubed times 5 cubed times 677. ANGEL!!! I'm going to get you!!!"

Now, this wouldn't worry me if Satako isn't an expert at strategy and setting traps. What she did lack in math, she makes up for with her unpredictable nature.

I decide to hide inside a shed and play the wait until everyone turns strategy. After about ten minutes, about half of the club has turned. Rika was the first to turn, then Rene, but I don't remember seeing Mion turn, but within the last ten minutes she starts hunting with the zombies.

There is another reason that I am implementing this strategy. I am still dressed like a baby, and I don't want anyone to tease me about it. I think to myself, How did Mion know how self conscious I was?

After another five minutes, the zombies start looking for me near the shed. Fortunately, I remember to lock the door.

Just as I sigh with relief, I hear the door shake. They found me. Mion calls to Satako, "Satako, come help me pick this lock. I think Angel might be in there."

It only takes a second for Satako to unlock the door. Soon I will have to run, but for now, I'll try to hide in the dark corner. The door creeks open, and I start quietly climbing to the rafters. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for them to find me. I knock a hole in the roof and climb out.

I run to the edge of the roof and see that Mion and Rene are waiting for me, I turn around and see that Satako and Rika are on the roof with me. I am cornered.

"I surrender" I say.

Mion laugh and says, "This is a zombie game. You think you can get off that easy? No, you need to turn into one of us. Rika, Satako, GET HER!!!"

Before I know it I am on the ground being tickled mercilessly.

After the game Mion walks over to me and says, "You know there is a penalty for losing. Now what embarrassing thing should you have to do tomorrow?"

I look at her and say, "Wait a minute, you lost, too. You should not get so arrogant."

She laughs. "Angel, I did not lose. It was part of my strategy. After a few people were turned, I tricked the others into thinking I was turned. So actually, I won."

Well, at least this time I am not the only one dressed in a ridiculous outfit. Satako and Rika were dressed as Siamese cats, Rene was forced to where a T-shirt that had a rainbow flag on it, and I had to walk around the rest of the day talking like two year old. Mixed with the baby outfit, I thought that Rene was really going to faint. She seams to be unable to resist cuteness. Looks like unless I win a game, I will have a long school year ahead of me.

As I walk home, Mion walks up to me and says, "The Watanagashi Festival is tomorrow. Do not miss it. They have food and games, and our very own club member Rika Furude is the shrine priestess. That's where our next meeting will be held. Also, if you miss it, you automatically have to accept the penalty. I am thinking along the lines of cat themed."

I look mortified and say, "I will be there." I mustn't lose anymore.

chapter Three[]

Today is the day of the Watanagashi Festival. I get out of bed and walk downstairs. Iggy is making breakfast, and the rest of the flock is eating.

"Max, school is canceled today because of a huge festival that is happening all of today."

Max looks at me and says, "So what time does it start? We should all go together."

I grin and say, "It starts in twenty minutes and if I am not there when it starts, Mion will force me to to wear some embarrassing cat themed outfit."

When we finally arrive, I am greeted by my friends. I walk up to Rika and say, "Are you nervous?"

She looks at me. "Not at all. With all my practice I might as well have been doing this for a thousand years," she says, then laughs as if she told an extremely clever joke that no one else got. I just look at her like she is crazy.

"what do you mean? Is this is your first year as shrine priestess? Is that why you say that?"

She looks at me suspiciously, "Nothing. I am just very confident."

After that, Rika walked off and Mion says, "Okay, first up is a race to the concessions. The loser has to do anything the winner says."

I wince. I cannot lose to Mion. She is so devious that I might have to do something crazy, like go to school naked. I immediately take a precaution. While no one is looking, I tie Mion's shoelaces together. I make a run for it. I laugh as Mion falls at the start. I reach the concession stand with ease.

About an hour later, I run into these two people. One is an male on the higher side of thirty, the other is a woman of about twenty.

"Hello, my name is Tomitake Jirō, but you can just call me Tomitake," The man says. "This here is my partner Takano Miyo. We are here researching the truth behind Oyashiro-Sama's curse, or as it is referred to by most scientist, Hinamizawa Syndrome."

I look at Tomitake and say, "what is this curse you are talking about?"

He looks at me like I am crazy and says, "Every year, for the past two hundred years, on the night of the Watanagashi Festival, two people are offered as sacrifices to the God Oyashiro-Sama. One is killed and the other is Demoned away. Every single person who dies has at least one thing in common; they all violated the Furu-De Shrine."

I eye them suspiciously and say, "You said you were researching it? You weren't thinking of going up to it were you?"

Takano looks at me with a suspiciously grin and says, "Of course not."

Of course, I don't believe this for a second, but I decide to leave it at that and walk away.

I meet up with Max and tell her of my strange encounter.

"Angel, you know I don't believe in superstition, but I still want you to stay away from that shrine," Max says. "If there is even a chance that it is true, then I definitely do NOT want you going there. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you."

I look at Max and say, "Of course, I don't have a death wish. I was just saying that I don't trust those people."

Max shrugs her shoulders and says, "I wouldn't worry about them too much. After all, even if the curse is real, then they will die and be unable to do any harm to us. As long as my family is safe, then I am happy."

I eventually catch up with my friends. Just in time to see Rika perform the the ritual. I look at Mion. "Are you sure she has never done this before?"

Mion shakes her head. "Her parents were murdered less than a year ago, and the shrine maiden is always the oldest woman in the family. This is her first year," Mion says.

I look back in shock. "I had no idea. Poor thing, having no family, and yet she is not bitter about it at all," I say.

Just then Satako arrives, only there appears to be bruises on her arm. The bruises are just barely visible, so I decide to not say anything right now, but tomorrow at school I am going to tell a teacher.

After the festival, Max takes me home. "so, how was the festival? Did you have a good time?" Max asks.

I look at her and say, "Yeah, I had a good time. I am really worried about Satako though. I think she might be being abused."

Silence. When we get home, Iggy makes dinner.

"Ooh, that looks so good! I love lasagna," Gazzy says.

Nudges mouth waters, and she says, "OH. Dear. God. Lasagna!!!"

Fang even smirks. I look at Max and say, "This sure does look good, doesn't it Max?"

She looks at me and eventually says, "It looks good."

Iggy finally sits at the table. "Lets dig in!" Iggy says.

After dinner, I crawl in bed and think, Tomorrow, I will help Satako and she will be fine. Today was a good day.

chapter four[]

Next day, I wake up, get dressed, and go downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning Max," I say.

Max smiles at me and says, "Morning Angel. How did you sleep?"

I shrug. "Good, I guess. Anyway, I am running late for school," I say. I give Max a kiss on the cheek, grab my bike and leave for school.

The school is about a half mile away, so I have time to enjoy the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. As I ride, I notice a couple of people in a white van right outside the Irie Clinic. I decide it is for the best that I don't get involved.

Because I'm distracted by the van, I hit a pothole and fly off my bike. I scream as I fly five feet in the air then land arm first on the asphalt. A shooting pain goes up through my arm and I cannot help but cry.

I look down at my arm and notice it is not bending the right way. I sob harder, and eventually someone walks out of the clinic and decides to help me.

"Let me help you. My name is Irie Kyōsuke, but you can just call me Dr. Irie. Looks like you had quite an accident, but don't worry, you will be just fine," he says. He picks me up and carries me into the Irie Clinic. Dr. Irie shoots me with some morphine and then snaps my arm back into place. After about an hour delay, he had me patched up and drove me to my school.

When I arrive, I notice that Satako is not there. I look at Mion and say, "Mion, do you know where Satako is?"

She shrugs her shoulder and says, "I think her uncle is keeping her home today. The official story is that she has a cold, but I don't believe that for one second. Yesterday, Satako came to the festival with bruises and I know this is not the first time. It only started after Satako moved in with her uncle."

Eventually, the teacher walks in the room and class begins. I find it surprisingly hard to concentrate when I know that a friend of mine is in danger. After class I tell the teacher and she says, "Don't worry. I will make sure she is fine."

I sigh with relief. "Thank you for the help," I say.

As I start to walk out of the room and I'm greeted by an elderly police chief. "Hello, my name is Oishi Kuraudo. Are you Angel?"

I nod my head.

"Come to my car where we can talk in private," he says.

I look at him suspiciously then say, "Sure."

I walk out to the car and Oishi says, "Are you familiar with these people?" He hands me a picture of Tomitake Jirō and Takano Miyo. I look at him and say, "Yeah, that is Tomitake and Takano. Why you ask?"

Oishi sighs heavily. "Late last night, we found the remains of Tomitake on the side of the road. The cause of death was asphyxiation. He had clawed out his throat. We suspect it is the Oyashiro-Sama's Curse," he says.

I look at Oishi with dread and say, "What about Takano? Is she missing?"

He looks at me and says, "No." I sigh with relief, but then he continues. "We found her body burned to death in a barrel up in the mountains."

My look of shock must not have been enough, since Oishi isn't done yet. "The strange thing is, the autopsies revealed that she died the night before the festival."

I turn pale as a ghost. "But, I remember seeing her at the festival last night. That is impossible," I say.

"The dead are walking around way too often these days," Oishi says. "I don't believe in this curse. However, I do have a suspect. Mion Sonozaki. The Sonozaki family is very well respected, it is only natural for the heir to the Sonozaki head to want to dispose of outsiders causing trouble. You don't just walk inside the Furu-De family shrine without explicit permission."

He unlocks the door to his car and I step out. He leaves me, all these questions dancing in my head.

After that depressing talk with Police Chief Oishi, I head back to the school where my club members have assembled. Rene walks up to me. "What were you talking to that man about?" she says.

I shrug my shoulders and say, "Nothing much. Just needed to ask me some questions."

Rene then surprises me. "LIAR!!!" she shouts, then starts laughing uncontrollably. However, it's no normal laughter. It's the laughter of a lunatic.

I step back. She is seriously creeping me out. I look at her and say, "Wait, calm down. I am not lying. The meeting had nothing to do with you."

After this I went home and stayed in my room, waiting for this day to end.

chapter five[]

I wake up this morning, not with the warm embrace of the morning sun, but with the sour sting of my uncle's belt. He grabs me by my hair.

"GET OUT OF BED YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" he says, and I rub the back of my neck where he hit me. He back hand slaps me across the face, and I stumble and fall to the ground.

He grins. "I got a call from the school today. They are currently investigating to see if you are being abused!"

As I try to get to my feat I receive a steal toe boot to the gut. I fall on my back gasping for air. Just then, there is a knock on the door.


My uncle puts his boot on my head and says, "Now, you are going to tell these people that you are just fine or else I will clean out Satoshi's room."

I look at him with fear. The only reason I put up with my uncle is because he is holding my big brothers room hostage. He WILL come back someday, and when he does, he will kick this evil man out of the house. But until that day, I have to put up with his abuse.

I nod my head, wipe the tears from my eyes, put on a fake smile and open the door. "I don't know why ya'll are here, I am perfectly fine."

They look perplexed, but not convinced. I force a giggle and say, "Really, I am fine. I am grateful to have such a wonderful caretaker. You can go now if you are done wasting my uncle's time."

They begrudgingly shrug, and I shut the door. My uncle cracks a grin and says, "That was quite the little performance, little Satako. You almost had me fooled."

I shudder. Sometimes, I wonder why I put myself through all this. Unfortunately for me, he sees the slightly disgusted look on my face.

"Wipe that fucking smile off your face!!!" My uncle screams. He kicks me in the stomach so hard that I cough up blood. He sneers at me. "Look at what you did, you little shit!!! You got blood on the carpet!!!"

He takes off his belt and starts beating me mercilessly with it. I lay on the ground, crying, shouting over and over, "Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!"

After a while I pass out from the pain. When I wake up, I am still laying on the floor. My Uncle is passed out drunk. I pull myself to my feet and get to work cleaning up the blood, because I know that if he wakes up and still sees the blood, he will beat me again.

I whisper to myself, "I hope Big Brother returns, I don't know how much longer I can keep pretending like everything is still all well and good."

After cleaning up my blood I head to the market to pick up some groceries and get my Uncle some beer. I am walking past a produce stand when I see Angel. She runs up to me and says, "Where have you been? I have been so worried about you!"

I can't even look her in the eye. "I have a cold. That is why you have not seen me," I lie, and add a little cough just to be convincing.

She looks at me suspiciously, although I get the feeling that she has figured it out. She lifts my chin, looks me in the eye and says, "You are such a terrible liar. You know if anything is going on at home, I will gladly help. Plus, I know colds don't give you bruises."

I must look pretty shaken up, 'cause she then says, "Are you okay? You look pale as a sheep."

I look her in the eye and say, "Okay, my uncle does abuse me, but I need to stay strong so that my brother can come home and be proud of me."

Angel looks at me and says, "You have an older brother? What happened?"

I start to tear up, then say, "My older brother Satoshi was always there for me. He always stood up for me, when my aunt and uncle would abuse me, he would stand up to them. I was always a burden to him, but then my aunt was murdered by some crack addict the same day Satoshi went missing. I don't blame him, that is why I must be strong. I must be strong so that Satoshi will see how brave I became and I will no longer be a burden."

Angel looks a little shocked, but does not say anything. I walk home, knowing that my uncle is probably awake by now. He is mean on the best of days, but when he has a hangover, he is a thousand times more vicious than a cobra.

Oh, man, I'm fucked. But I know I have to be strong. For Satoshi.

chapter six[]

Seeing Satako today made me realize what I have to do. I have to kill Satako's Uncle. it only makes sense. The man is an evil heartless abusive maniac.

Instead of going back to my house, I stop by the school that night. I wander towards the shed where they store the sports equipment. I remember a few days back when we were playing Zombie tag, I saw a baseball bat in there.

I unlock the shed and walk in. After a brief look around, I see a baseball bat. Written on the bottom of the bat is a name, and it is a name that I know. It says Satoshi. I pick it up and swing it around a couple of times, then grin with satisfaction. "This will do just fine," I say to myself.

I immediately go to a phone booth and call Rika. The phone rings a couple times, then she picks up. "Hello?" she says.

"I was just wandering if you would mind taking Satako out for a night on the town tomorrow night?" I say.

She yawns, then responds, "Sure, but you couldn't have called at a more convenient time? It is 1:30 am for Pete's sake."

I look around and think, SHIT! How did it get so late? This is going to make me seem suspicious! Think of something quick, DAMMIT! "Uh... I was busy shopping and just got back. Sorry for the inconvenience."

The phone is silent for what seams like forever, but then she speaks up. "Are you sure that is what you were doing? You didn't take Satoshi's bat, did you?"

I go pale as a sheep. How the fuck did she know that? This is bad. If I can't trust her, then I have to kill her, too. I eventually say "No, I did not grab any bat."

Rika sighs over the phone and says, "It is not smart to lie to me, I already KNOW what you are planing to do. Please don't, I have whatched you die enough times."

I think to myself, Is she threatening me? I now know that Rika knows too much, and she just threatened me. She has to die. Rika lives alone, so it should not be hard to kill her without witnesses.

I start to grin. There is a certain absurdity to talking to a dead person. I say, "Goodbye," and hang up.

I stand in the booth laughing and laughing at the absurdity. I start to sing, "Rika's dead, Rika's dead, yes I killed Rika!" I eventually stumble out of the phone booth, hide the bat, and walk home.

I realize that Max would likely find out, so I have to eliminate the risk. I go to the garden and pick some Death Camus flowers.

I go back to my room and start the process of turning it into a deadly poison. Tonight, I am going to give this to Max, and before morning, she will die of a heart attack. No one would be able to tell.

I sneak into the kitchen and mix the poison in with Max's tea. I mix in a lot of sugar to hide the onion-like taste of the crushed flower.

After I taint the tea I go in the living room and hand it to Max with a smile.

"Thanks. You know, you're not so bad," She says. I give her a kiss on the cheek in response.

She takes a sip, and about two minutes after she finishes the rest of the tea, she starts clutching her chest. I act like I am surprised by this. For two minutes, she tries not to die on the floor, but she eventually succumbs to the poison and breathes her last breath.

I immediately get to work getting rid of the evidence. I start by cleaning up the bodily fluids on the floor. I then drag Max out into the woods and start sawing her to pieces.

After I start on sawing off her hands, however, she wakes up.

"How the fuck are you not dead?" I exclaim. "Oh, never mind, you will be."

I smile as I saw off her arms, relishing every agonizing scream. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I eventually have to saw off her head. I then hide all the pieces in an abandoned mine and burn it down, watching the fire lick the dry tinder and the smoke curl from mouth of the mine entrance.

Eventually after a long day of fun, I go to my room and go to bed. I dream about the people who's lives I will end tomorrow.

Chapter Seven[]

I go downstairs and great Fang. "What's wrong, Fang? What did Max do this time?"

Fang gives me a dark look that chills me to the bone. he sneers and says, "After you gave that to us without our consent, Max disappeared."

I open my mouth to respond, but get a backhand slap to the face. I fall on the ground crying. He picks my up by the neck. "What the fuck did you do with Max?" he says, and he slaps me again. "ANSWER ME!"

He shakes me. I say through tears, "I will show you if you let me go."

Fang kicks me in the stomach so hard that I start violently coughing up blood. "How do I know you won't run, you little shit?"

I start sobbing. "I promise, I-" I start to say, but then he interrupts me.

"Your promises don't mean shit! I know what to do." He walks into the room where Total is, and I hear barking, a yelp, and then silence.

I start to ball, Fang comes into the room with a blood soaked collar and puts it around my neck. I look in horror and say in a quivering voice, "What did you do to Total?"

He looks at me and says, "He's going to have a better fate than yours if Max isn't okay."

I cringe. I lay there balling when Fang takes off his belt and thrashes me with it several times till I get up and start walking. I lead them into the woods, but not to where Max was killed. I take them to where I hid Satoshi's bat. I wanted so bad not to kill you Fang, but you leave me no choice. The blood that is about to be spilled is on you. My hands are clean, but I have to kill the rest of them, too, all because of you.

I reach into the bush that I hid it in. Suddenly, without warning, I bash Fang over the top of the head. He falls to the ground. Silence.

I do not know which fell first, my tears or Fang. I look at him and say, "I am so sorry. I don't want to do this, but you leave me no choice." Before he can speak I land another blow on his head, I do this over and over and over again, each time the surprised looks on my flock members' faces grow wider and wider.

About fifteen blows to the head does the job. I pick up the blood soaked bat and walk towards Gazzy. All I have is anger to him. He was there at the school, my own brother, yet he never offered any help to his fucking little sister, whether it be Max with her verbal abuse, or it be Ari with his torture.

I smile at him. "Time I forgive your sins." I hug him, and then without warning, I use my knife to stab through his spine. "You are forgiven," I say with a dark tone.

My brother's body falls to the ground and everyone backs up. I can't say I blame them. I just killed two people in front of them, in what seams to be cold blood.

For some reason, the irony of what just did hits me and I cannot help but laugh. I laugh and laugh and laugh. With a grin on my face I start walking towards them. Unfortunately for them, I had set traps earlier that day throughout the area. Nudge, while running, catches her foot in a bear trap. she falls to the ground.

"Don't worry, I will gladly put you out of your misery," I say.

I jam A knife through her heart, her throat, and I then start disemboweling her. I pull her guts out and wrap them around my neck like a scarf. I always save something from all my victims. I have Max's head saved in a cooler, for instance.

I find Iggy. He had fallen down a hole that I had dug and covered with a leaf-and-branch platform. I see his wing broke on the way down, so I start throwing pine straw down in the hole. I pull out a match, light it, and throw it in, laughing as he burns to death.

As he burns, a single feather survives and I grab it. I start to grab momentos from the other flock members. I take things I could never have. I take Gazzy's heart. I take Fangs adrenal gland. I took the only thing from Iggy that survived.

As I put these things in a cooler, I think to myself, It was all their fault. They made me do it. They would have killed me, every one of them, then I would be unable to do my mission. It was self defense. They would have killed me. I cannot help it. I did not want to kill them.

Eventually, I bring myself to prepare to kill Satako's uncle. I take a look at the calendar on the wall. It says June 24th 2009. I grab my borrowed bat and clean it off. Next, I gather my stuff and walk out the door. I think to myself, Time to get to work!

Chapter Eight[]

Rika wakes up and stands in front of a mirror "today is the day I have lived and dreaded a million times" She says. "today is the day I die yet again."