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This page is for a character created by Slimshady2015.

Shiro is a character from Flock On The Lamb?. When the demon possessing her takes over, she is known as the Wretched Egg.


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Shiro is the product of genetic modification. As a child, she experienced great pain, so as a result, she developed a dark side to her personality, which made her vulnerable to demonic possession.

The more docile side of her is known as Shiro. That is her original host body's name, and in this state, she regains all her past personality traits. Now that she is fifteen, she is much more lively and hides her painful past.

Wretched Egg[]

The previous host to the "Wretched Egg" was a girl named Kylie, but after being killed by Angel, the Wretched Egg changed his host to Shiro. Before gaining a new host, Wretched Egg was shown rising from a strange black pit.

The wretched egg can use his host's blood as a weapon. As soon as he/she bleeds, he/she is ten thousand times more deadly, he can turn his host's blood into swords, spears, whips, and lethal projectiles that can fire faster than the speed of sound and with enough force to make a crater over 50 meters across.

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