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Songfic of Dylan's last day of preparation for saving Fang. Song Sleep Like a Baby Tonight by U2. Will be an uncharacteristically me fanfiction.

Album Cover Note: This was the iTunes free-release cover. The actual release cover has a topless man hugging another topless man, so you can guess why I didn't pick that for the cover of this songfic.

Morning, your toast, your tea and sugar
Read about the politician’s lover
Go through the day like knife through butter
Why don’t you

One more day. One more day of tweaking, one last day of tweaking. Last day. Dylan didn't want to think of what that meant.

It's all for Max, he reminded himself. I'm doing this for her.

But part of him knew this to say sorry for not saving Fang when he could've. For letting him die in the first place.

I'm sorry, Max, he thought.

You dress in the colours of forgiveness
Your eyes as red as Christmas
Purple robes are folded on the kitchen chair

You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight
In your dreams everything is alright
Tomorrow dawn's like someone else’s suicide
You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight

Tomorrow. Was there even going to be a tomorrow? Dylan still wasn't sure if he was going to go through with it. But something told him he owed it to Max to go through with this. To die.

He looked over his schematics, reading over the plans one last time. He'd memorized them by now. He wished he could find another way out of it, but it was over, finished. There was no turning back.

Dylan ran a few more tests, knowing one imperfection could throw off his schedule, postpone everything. He found himself wishing for a flaw, hoping he could live one more day, see her for one more day. He still felt that, even though she already chose Fang.

It’s a dirty business, dreaming
Where there is silence and not screaming
Where there’s no daylight, there’s no healing
No, no

To be continued...