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This page is for a character created by Necrowe.

Temple is an OC, and owned by Necrowe.


Temple is a rather plain looking girl. She has dirty blonde hair, often tied back in a French braid in order to keep it out of her face. Her golden-yellow eyes are almond shaped. Temple has a mildly tan complexion. Her face is a bit round in terms of shape, but yet remains pointy. Temple often wears a blue T-shirt, along with a pair of navy shorts. For footwear, she prefers dark blue slip-ons. Her wings are about eleven feet wide and are a dark amber with darker, oil colored underwings. Her primaries are tipped black, like that of a white-tailed hawk.


Location Disclosed, November 23rd, 2006[]

Subject 88 is brought into the lab at the age of three years old. Subject 88 appears to display a keen curiosity for the things around her. By the end of the day, she'd explore every nook and cranny of the lab.

This behavior is to be researched.

Location Disclosed, December 1st, 2006[]

Subject 88 -- nicknamed "Temple" by my peers -- is socializing with the other experiments in the lab. She gets along particularly well with Subject 72, whom my colleagues call "Gregor". She exhibits a friendly nature towards Subject 72.

Location Disclosed, December 18th, 2009[]

Subject 88 has entered a kindergarten-like educational system. She exhibits an understanding of math, and has solved her math sheet two times quicker then the average amount it took the rest of the students to complete. It appears her intelligence is heightened.


Temple is a curious girl. She is quite smart, and is good at solving problems. While she displays a calm and friendly nature, she tends to crack under pressure. When she cracks, she breaks down, usually in a fit of sadness or rage. Temple can oftentimes be a bit quick and overlook small details.


  • Temple is allergic to dust and pollen. Dust makes her cough and sneeze, while pollen just makes her sneeze.
  • Temple's favorite brand of candy is Hershey.
  • She's most skilled in math.
  • Temple's favorite color is vermilion.
  • Temple is named after Temple Grandin.
  • She has a soprano vocal range.
  • She likes to sing sometimes, mainly when she's alone.