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Follows Max's clone during the time she was missing in Europe.

Part One: Before Europe[]

Chapter One[]

Europe. A vast place, but not quite as big as North America.

Well, Max II wasn't always in Europe. Where should we begin?

How about right after the flock leaves her for dead?

"COUGH-COUGH!!!!" Max II doubles over coughing. "FUCKING HELL!!!!!" she shouts. The whitecoats tell her she would win for sure, but they aren't helping even though Max II is not wining.

Max II turns around to look the whitecoats who are wanting Max to finish her off. "H-hold on a sec, what are you doing with that rebar?" says a white-coat. Max II grins evilly.

"You deal with her," Max, the real Max says. "You made her, so you now have to deal with her."

Max II hears the commotion, and knows this is her chance. She escapes.

Chapter Two[]

To be continued...