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Spectrum is an avian-human hybrid/clone created by the whitecoats sometime after the events of MAX. Being an OC (original character), she has no role in the original Maximum Ride novel series.

Her avian DNA is that of an ara macao—scarlet macaw—though she also possesses the genes of many other species of birds.



Her entire week-and-a-half-long life, she's been trained to do what many of the experiments before her have failed to accomplish: eradicate the Flock.

But when she is finally released from the labs to do so...can she?

Spectrum: Technicolor[]



Spoiler Warning! The following section may contain spoilers for the original Maximum Ride books.

Countless genetic infusions ultimately resulted in her having the special abilities the entire Flock had acquired as of the end of MAX (save for Gazzy's digestive flaws). This includes:

  • Max's super-speed,
  • Fang's camouflage,
  • Iggy's synesthesia,
  • Nudge's psychometry and magnetism,
  • Gazzy's vocal mimicking skills,
  • and Angel's telepathic abilities, appearance-changing, and gills.