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A fanfiction by KCCreations

Sometime after the events of MAX, the whitecoats, in another attempt in their long series of attempts to eradicate the Flock, created a new hybrid. An avian-human hybrid, just like a typical Flock member.

But this hybrid is not like Max and the rest. She's a clone who's been infused with each member of the Flock's DNA in such a way that she possesses almost every ability they have. And she's been engineered to be a merciless fighter, maybe even more so than the Erasers were.

She's dangerous.

She's manipulative.

And her name is Spectrum.

Prologue: Maximum[]

"How much farther to Arizona?" Angel called over the deafening noise of the wind.

"An hour and a half, at the most," Max called back. "The CSM has arranged for us to meet them at Dr. Martinez's house; from there, we'll be given background information about our next mission."

"But not before the cookies!" From the left, Nudge looked innocently at Max with her large brown eyes. "Right?"

The Flock leader smiled. "Right. Not before the cookies."

"Yeah," said Iggy, "because in Max's world, chocolate chip cookies cookies are the best thing since a kiss from Fang."

"Oh, shut up, Iggy."

Iggy smirked. "Whatever."

Max turned back to face the sky in front of her. Right now, she and the Flock were soaring at approximately eighteen thousand feet—a normal altitude for them. From this high up, she was surrounded by an endless expanse of light blue sky and the occasional fluffy cloud, and there were no airplanes to get in the way. God, flying really is amazing, she thought to herself. I mean, sure, we had to undergo countless experiments by FREAKING PSYCHOPATHS OF GENETICISTS in order to get our wings...! She paused and took a deep breath. ...but in a way, it was kinda worth it. Now, if only there was a solution to—

"Max?" Gazzy was pointing off into the distance. "There's something coming..."

"What?" Max's head snapped up.

"Whatever it is, it's coming in fast. Real fast."

Max shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun...and saw a small, multicolored...thing...zooming towards them. And, like Gazzy had said, it was coming in real fast.

"Is that..." Max started, but then she gasped after noticing the figure's corporeal form. "SCATTER!"

Years of being around Max had taught everyone that when she told you to scatter, you scattered as quickly as you could and didn't ask any questions whatsoever. Angel folded in her wings and dropped like a meteor, making sure to grab Total on the way down; Fang and Iggy veered sharply to the right; Gazzy zoomed upward; and Nudge followed suit with Angel and dropped several yards before unfurling her wings again.

Max shot to the left. Where should I—

But in the next split second, something solid and—feathery?—slammed into her body without warning. And it slammed into her hard.

Next thing Max knew, she was tumbling down to the earth below like a stone. She guessed that one of her ribs had been broken when the thing collided with her, because her chest hurt like hell. She could also feel pressure on her lower half—this "thing" had her in a leg lock.

"Who the hell are you?" Max snarled as her raptor vision focused on her attacker.

"Call me Spectrum, please." Max's attacker looked her dead in the eye, and the Flock leader at last managed to get a glimpse of its face. Actually, her face. The attacker had long brown hair done back in a tight bun, silvery-blue eyes, and perfectly smooth skin. She didn't look like she could be any older than thirteen, and she was also wearing a snug silver jumpsuit that didn't flap in the air.

And she had wings. Rainbow wings. Scarlet macaw, perhaps...? Max thought.

Nevermind. I'll save the questions for later.

"Yeah. And, uh, call me Max," Max laughed. "Listen, I have places to go, so if you could just get off me—"

"Wrong answer," Spectrum said without emotion.

And before anyone could respond, she grabbed Max's neck with both hands and pushed it to the side.

There was a crack! that was drowned out by the voice of the wind...and suddenly it was over for Maximum Ride.

Spectrum smiled—she'd finished her assignment, the assignment she was created to do. Elysium would be waiting for her back at Death Valley. She released Max from her legs and watched for a moment as the body began to plummet to the ground. Just as it broke through the clouds, she turned around and began to zoom away.

As she zipped through the sky, she began to pick up on the thoughts of the other Flock members. They were worried thoughts, confused thoughts...terrified thoughts.

And they all screamed: MAXIMUM!