Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki

I am an avid fanfiction writer and a huge maximum ride Otaku. I am a giant anime nerd, hence the themes for most of my fanfictions. I really love violent anime's. most of the stuff I watch is rated TV-MA usually because of the level of violence and or language in them. I also watch the walking dead, the strain, into the badlands, top gear, and RWBY. if you have any other questions, then just ask me, please?

Underneath is a list of fan-fics that will be coming soon by Jimmy B. Rider

  1. Maximum No-Naku Koro-Ni (a Higurashi parody)
  2. Maximum RWBY
  3. Maximum Magica [a Modoka Magica parody, projected T rating]

If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I will consider