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Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki: The Album is a compilation album written and performed by the Flock and users of the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki. It was produced by various artists, including Madeon and Coldplay the Gasman, Jeb Batchelder, and JESSIE.


Rina Maximum Zaslavski (also known under her stage name Rina-Z), former admin of the MRFW, got the inspiration for the album after reading a similar blog on another Wikia wiki. "The blog made me laugh and just sounded so creative," she recalled a few minutes after the album was officially done being produced, "so I decided I wanted to try it out myself."[1]

Writing all the songs took mere seconds, per Zaslavski; producing them, however, took at least an hour. "Breaker didn't know how to work FL Studio at first," JESSIE told Wikia API Records. "So that added some time to the production."[1]

Track listing

Standard Edition
No. Title Artist(s) Writer(s) Producer(s)
1. Don't Give Up A-Dawg Shadow E. Bobcat A-Dawg
2. Spectrum (Rina-Z Extended Remix) [feat. Matthew Koma] Zedd (feat. Matthew Koma) Anton Zaslavski
Matthew Bair
3. Dragons and Avians Rider Ranger (feat. Rina-Z) Ranger
The Gasman
4. Alucard Jamie Dominy Dominy
Maximum Ride
5. Paranoia Paranoid Android Paranoid Android Jeb Batchelder
6. Neckerchu The Flock The Flock James Griffiths
7. By-Half Plan Itexicon Marian Janssen
8. Nevermore The Remedy (feat. Cryena) Hans Gunther-Hagen The Remedy
9. Until We Meet Again Rina-Z (feat. MRN) Rina-Z
10. Forever Alison Hunter (feat. JESSIE) Alison Hunter
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
11. Maximum Fame (Demo) Jamie Dominy Dominy FOX
12. Breathe Dylan (feat. Nudge) Unknown Dylan
13. Redirection Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki Everyone Rina-Z


  • The artwork used on the cover was drawn by sundang.


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