This is just an awesome place to write and publish fanfictions. I have personally created two fanfics, and I am working on three. After that I plan to continue writing fanfics. So here is a list of things I love most about this wiki from 1-10. 1- the staff is very freindly. 2- I can easily contact the Admins and get help. 3- the people here are nice. 4- the people here are open minded. 5- the people here are more than willing to offer constructive critisism. 6- the admins are forgiving (for the most part) 7- when I have technical issues, the admins seem to make it first priority. 8- this wiki makes fan-fictions easy to make and/or edit. 9- this wiki has givin me the opportunity to show work to people who would normally never be able to get ahold of it. 10- I am able to read other people's story's and share criticisms.

So, I know you don't like me that much but I feel obligated to thank you for creating this community. Thank you MRN!

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